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Another Thursday in the Life

BrekkieIn just a few hours… it will be Friday! Hooray!! This has been a hectic week. I didn’t get to work from home this Thursday, like I usually do, but I decided to do a food journal post anyway. Oh, and before I go on, you might notice something new over on the right hand side. I’ve joined the Foodbuzz featured publishers program. I’m excited! I’ve really been having a great time meeting new people on the foodbuzz site, so I decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon.

Ok. Here’s the rundown of what I ate today. My breakfast is featured at the top of the page, and it was so yummy! It deserves top billing!! I started off with a Thomas Light Multi-grain English muffin (my fave English muffin!!) topped with some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and a small banana. Part of the banana didn’t fit on the muffins, so it got sprinkled with cinnamon. I decided to dust the whole thing for good measure. I also made a big pot of my chocolate/coconut/cherry tea, which I mixed with almond milk and skim milk in my thermos and in my mug. I think I’m becoming a fan of tea in the morning. The flavor is nice and delicate, and I’m really enjoying it! 

LunchThis photo makes my lunch look weird, but I promise that it was really yummy. My office seems to be a bad place for photography! I had the last piece of my Broccoli and White Bean Bake from the freezer, along with the rest of my Sunny Basil Orange Salad. I’m loving the salad. It’s bright and happy, and I like the combination of the fruit and carrots with the basil syrup. Yum! I think I’m going to have to make another batch of the bake. I was sad to eat the last piece. 

Vitabrownie and PB Date

For dessert, I had a vitabrownie (yum!) and a Medjool date stuffed with a bit of reduced fat peanut butter. PB+Dates= Serious Deliciousness!!

SamplerAround 1:30 an e-mail went around about some leftover “cake and other food” from the awards ceremony that was held in my office yesterday. I wasn’t planning to go and check out the leftovers, but a healthy eating friend sent me an e-mail to tell me that the “other food” was fruit and veggies! I decided to go and get a little plate and, since I skipped the reception yesterday, I decided to have a very tiny piece of the cake. Two bites did the trick! Other snacks this afternoon included:

A Chocolate Mocha Fiber One bar…

Fiber One Bar

A mix of Trader Joe’s fruit and fiber cereal and Gerbs pumpkin seeds…

cereal and seeds

… and Siggi’s Orange and Ginger (my favorite Siggi’s flavor) with Fiber One. I might have overdone it a bit with the fiber today, but it kept me full! The Fiber One and measuring cup are part of my desk stash!

Siggi'sFor dinner, I decided to get creative. I seared some tofu, topped it with Trader Joe’s roasted vegetable tapenade and a bit of parmesan, broiled it to brown the cheese and then had it “open faced sandwich style” on some of my homemade bran bread. It was yummy! I’m going to be making tofu that way more often. I had some crispy cucumber, juicy tomato and hummus on the side.

Din DinI had another vitabrownie for dessert with some fat free cool whip. I usually try not to eat two vitas in the same day, but I got a big on-line order yesterday, and they were so fresh and moist! So good! They are all in the freezer now, so I won’t be as tempted to have two tomorrow. The vitabrownie and Cool Whip combo reminds me of a Hostess cupcake. Yum! I used to love those things!

Vitabrownie 2After I went to the gym, I was hungry so I had a bowl of oat bran with honey and cinnamon honey almonds. I ate it pretty late, and I may be sorry when I do my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I was hungry. If I weigh more, so be it. I know it will all average out eventually anyway and my one snapshot on Friday mornings is just that– a snapshot. I’m making excuses already, which seems like the wrong thing to do, but that was my thought process when I decided to go ahead and have a bowl. It was lovely and sweet and very satisfying. 

oat branMaybe it’s just me, but I think honey, almonds and cinnamon make a pretty combination. They certainly taste awesome together!!

Now, I need to head off to bed. I have a busy day ahead of me, but I’m hoping to wrap up a project tomorrow. I love finishing things on a Friday. I never work weekends, but it is nice to know that it won’t be waiting for me on Monday morning! Have a lovely Friday, and I’ll be telling you about my weigh-in tomorrow as well as a snack I enjoyed this week and the winner of my little contest. You have until tomorrow morning to enter. If you haven’t posted a comment on that post already, I hope you will. I’d love to send some snacks your way.

I also wanted to mention that Erica is giving away a mouthwateringly delicious looking creation (man do I love baked goods!!) to celebrate her 1 year blogging birthday. Check it out: Itzy’s Kitchen

G’night!!! See you tomorrow!


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