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What I Ate Thursday!

Oat Bran with BerriesThis lovely Thursday morning started off with a great bowl of oat bran. I’ve seen other bloggers use tea in the place of water, and I’ve started doing that myself. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, bloggies! That was a great idea. I don’t know who came up with it, but I am glad that the idea made its way into my bowl. Thanks to you, whoever you are! I brewed up some sticky toffee tea that I got in London a couple of years ago to use in making my oat bran. After the oats were cooked, I added 1 Tbsp. of maple syrup, 1 Tbsp. of chopped walnuts, 1/4 package of vanilla whey protein and some blueberries. It was gooooood! I also had more of the tea with a bit of almond milk, but I apparently cut it out of the picture. Oops!

Before I headed off for my lunchtime kickboxing class, I had this Siggi’s orange and ginger with a chopped up date. I’ve been trying to figure out what was missing from this little cup for several weeks now. Today, I nailed it: Dates! This was such a good combination. I’ve always loved dates and orange together. It was so obvious! I don’t ever want to have Siggi sans dates again!

Date with SiggiKickboxing was good, and it seemed challenging enough, but my heart rate monitor told me that I had only burned 350 calories. Huh? It seemed harder than that. Anyone with a heart rate monitor knows that they aren’t infallible, but I checked mine from time to time and it didn’t seem to be doing anything weird. It never told me that my heart had slowed to 10 beats per minute or anything too unbelievable. I used to burn around 700 during a class, but I’ve seen the number drop as my body has adjusted to the new moves. Overall, I don’t want to complain because this is a big sign of progress. I was just a little puzzled by it.

At any rate (excuse the pun), I was hungry when I got home, and I had a huge bowl of food. There is a serving of my bulgur chili in the bowl along with a corn vitatop, an ounce of Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar, a Tbsp. of 0% Fage and a spoonful of salsa for a little extra kick. This was a cozy bowl of goodness! I love working from home because I can add little embellishments like the salsa and yogurt without having to drag in extra containers. Even so, I may be dragging in some extra gladware tomorrow, because this combo was awesome!

Bulgur ChiliDespite the huge bowl of food, I still needed some dessert. The dessert I had today is going to be featured as my favorite weekly snack tomorrow. I’ve been enjoying it a lot this week. Because I don’t want to spoil my own surprise, here’s a placeholder. Oh, the suspense. 🙂 I did not eat the glass bird or the rose, by the way. 

Secret SnackAs the afternoon wore on, snacktime grew closer. I had another of my favorite yogurt combos today. I’ve probably posted pictures of this particular mix at least four times now. In the bowl: Lemon yogurt, Fiber One and blueberries. Seriously, lemon and blueberry together with a crust like crunch of Fiber One can fool me into thinking I’m having dessert. I love this mix!

Yogurt CombiSince my kickboxing calorie burn was less than I had hoped for, and because I had some spare energy lying in wait, I decided to put my dinner in the oven and head to the gym to burn a few more calories. I never work out twice in the same day, but I was just kind of in the mood. Plus, I hadn’t showered since kickboxing so I was already stinky anyway. 🙂 My time in the gym was even more intense than usual. Weird! It was a strange sort of workout. I really pushed myself rather than just slogging along as I sometimes do. I’m wondering if it is because I knew that it was “bonus,” and that I could stop any time without guilt. Whatever the reason, I felt great!

Before I headed up to the roof (my gym is on the roof…), I had a piece of Nature’s Own Double Fiber bread with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and sugar free raspberry jam.

Dark Chocolate Dreams and ToastAfter my second workout of the day, I came home to find that my dinner was ready. I’m so excited! I tried the baked tofu that I’ve seen other people raving about. Gliding Calm, this is genius! I used the measurements for the rub provided by Kath. Oh my good gravy. Look at that tofu. It had a crunchy outside, a perfect inside and the flavor was amazing. I’m so glad that I tried it. I’m going to have to try the barbecue sauce method next. I put a little bit of Virginia Gentleman Bourbon Barbecue Sauce on the sandwich thin along with some lettuce. This was good eating! Back in the corner, you see some of the baba ghanouj that I made last night. It just gets better with age. I had it with my bright little veggies. All in all, this was a very enjoyable dinner!


Of course, I needed dessert. I had a peanut butter vita top with a bit of fat free Cool Whip and a sliced red pear. I’m out of my usual strawberries, but at least the pear is red. 

Vitatop and Red PearAfter a long bath, I decided that I needed something more. Here’s a problem: I wasn’t really hungry. I’ve eaten several things over the past few days when I haven’t really been hungry. Part of me says that it’s fine because I haven’t exceeded my points for the week. The other part of me says that I should be more concerned with responding to my body with a sense of reason than satisfying a mathematical equation.

The part of me that likes chocolate and peanut butter trumped everybody else. I think I’m ok with that. I’ve had this can of cocoa mix in the cabinet for a bit, and I’d like to use it up along with all of my loose tea. I love using things up. It makes me feel like I didn’t waste my money! I decided to put half a serving of cocoa mix in a bowl of oat bran. I also had a tablespoon full of mighty maple.  The oat bran turned a lovely chocolate color once I stirred in the cocoa mix. Sorry I didn’t snap another pic! I kept the peanut butter in the spoon and sort of dipped little bits of oat bran into it a little at a time. I feel like I enjoy the peanut butter more when I can see it than I do if it is all blended in. This bowl was the perfect mix of flavors to satisfy my chocolate and peanut butter craving, and now I have a great use for the cocoa mix. Hooray!

Hot Cocoa Peanut Butter Oat BranI really enjoyed doing today’s post. I didn’t start my blog with the plan to keep a daily food journal. I do that elsewhere, although not with photos. After posting pictures of a day’s worth of food a number of times now, I have to say that I really kind of like it! I’ve always loved reading everyone else’s, and I’m thinking about starting to do it twice a week instead of just on Thursdays. I seem to learn a lot about my eating habits when I see my food staring me in the face. If you are a blogger who frequently posts all of your daily eats, I’d be interested to know what you have found to be the most useful part of that exercise! If you don’t blog about it, but you keep a food journal, I’d like to know how that has helped you as well. I’m always so happy to read comments, and I often find them incredibly useful! Thanks to those of you who chime in!

I hope everyone has had a great day. Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m so glad because this week has seemed very long. I always look forward to my Friday’s off from the gym too. I do love working out, but a girl has to have some balance… and time to socialize! Have a good night, kids! I will see you tomorrow with my weigh-in results (I think it is going to be exactly the same again, by the way… hmm… ), and my surprise snack. It isn’t anything exotic, but it is really good!


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A Sweet Sweet Day

Today was a sweet sweet day– and I mean that sort of literally. These food journal posts are always very educational to me. I didn’t tag myself as Sweetie Pie without good reason. I’ve been on a bit of a sweet jag today! 

For breakfast, I had a bowl of coconut chai oat bran. I added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, 1/2 tsp of ground cardamom and 1/4 tsp of ground ginger to my oat bran along with a tsp of honey and a tsp of raw sugar. Then I topped it with some vanilla roasted almonds and coconut. This has been my new favorite oat bran concoction this week. I love the cardamom, and I’m a sucker for coconut. Along with my oat bran, I had a cup of cherry tea with my usual mix of skim milk and almond milk. I haven’t missed my coffee this week. I’m so surprised! I haven’t had any since I mentioned to you last week that I was going to start drinking up all the loose tea in my pantry. This does the trick just fine, and I love the taste of this cherry tea!

Chai Oat Bran

Since I was going to be kickboxing during my usual lunchtime, I decided to have this protein and fiber filled snack about an hour before my class. I really love the orange and ginger Siggi’s, but the blueberry is pretty good too. It would be the runner up if I was judging a Siggi’s pageant. I had so much energy in my kickboxing class today! Some weeks, I feel like I drag myself through the workout just trying to make it to the end. I had a bit more bounce to my kick today. I’m not sure why I had so much more energy, but it was nice!

Siggi'sAfter kickboxing, I had a Gardenburger grilled chik’n patty on an Arnold thin with some dill pickles and light Hellman’s. I love the combo of pickles, mayo and chicken (or chik’n as the case may be.) Back in the day, I ate a lot of fast food chicken sandwiches, and I became hooked on that combination. Now, I’m glad to have a healthier way to enjoy it. The real star of my lunch was this enormous salad! In addition to a huge pile of lettuce, it contains tomato, cucumber, carrots, Cabot cheddar, and a serving of my Dillicious Golden Beet and Red Onion Salad. I topped it with my new favorite creamy dressing: 2 Tbsp of smoked paprika hummus mixed with a little vinegar, a Tbsp of Greek yogurt and a tsp of sweet pickle relish. It tastes like Thousand Island dressing! Yet another healthier version of an old favorite. I really enjoyed my lunch, and this salad really filled me up. 

LunchOf course, I had to have dessert. I had a triple chocolate chunk vitatop with berries and fat free Cool Whip. I seemed to be craving chocolate today. That’s odd for me. Chocolate isn’t usually my thing. I’m much more of a coconut or caramel girl. I’m not sure what’s going on, but, as you will see, this was not the day’s only chocolate. 
Vita Berry WhipI had a couple of snacks between lunch dessert and dinner. My favorite snack this week has been a mixture of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal and lightly salted pumpkin seeds. Sweet… salty… perfect!

Cereal and SeedsI also had half of a serving of my new favorite granola, Galaxy Granola Vanilla Almond Munch, mixed with a few bittersweet chocolate chips. Yep. Chocolate.

Granola and ChipsFor dinner, I was in the mood for a classic. Along with my leftover roasted broccoli, I whipped up a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and basil. This was no ordinary grilled cheese. I love the basket of cheese scraps at my local Whole Foods. I always poke around a bit in the basket when I’m there, and I like buying little remnants of interesting cheeses. The cheese on this sandwich is called “Amadeus.” I’ve bought it several times before. I’m not sure if it is the creamy nuttiness of the yummy cheese or the fact that it shares a name with a famous composer, but I always bring a piece home when I find it in the scrap basket. You can take the music teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take her out of the kitchen?

Grilled AmadeusI’d checked out Tina’s site earlier today, and she was having peanut butter and chips on an English muffin. Of course, I had to have my own. Umm… can you say “chocolate?” 

PB ChipsOh look! More chocolate. I had a vitabrownie later in the evening.

VitabrownieFinally, I was mixing up a batch of cheesecake flavored fat free sugar free pudding cups. Of course, I wanted some right then, and I wanted it with pumpkin and cool whip. So… I had some. I’m always amazed at how filling the 1/2 cup of pumpkin is when mixed in with a bit of pudding. There is no chocolate here, but the thought did cross my mind… Are you sure that there aren’t chips hidden in the bottom? Hmm? Well, there aren’t, but they would have been yummy!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pudding

I love everything I ate today. I had plenty of veggies and plenty of dairy. it was another accidental meatless day. I have those more and more often lately! I’m still puzzled as to why there are so many sweet things, but I guess the fact that I ate within my points scheme and got plenty of healthy stuff in there should make it ok. There has been much discussion lately about the idea of intuitive eating. I’m trying to get better at listening, although it seems that the little voice in my head often shouts SUGAR! Today, at least, I listened. Did I mention how much I love everything I ate today? 🙂

I’m so glad that it’s almost Friday. I’m pretty sure I know how my Friday weigh-in ritual is going to go. That will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, I have a few little tidbits to mention:

I submitted my recipes for Abbie’s blogger cookbook over at Foods That Fit. I can’t wait to see the finished product. What a great idea! She is still accepting submissions, but not for long! Check it out!

Check out Fitnessista’s Quaker giveaway!

Also, check out the amazing Pure Bar giveaway at An Apple a Day.

Ciao for now!


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Another Thursday in the Life

BrekkieIn just a few hours… it will be Friday! Hooray!! This has been a hectic week. I didn’t get to work from home this Thursday, like I usually do, but I decided to do a food journal post anyway. Oh, and before I go on, you might notice something new over on the right hand side. I’ve joined the Foodbuzz featured publishers program. I’m excited! I’ve really been having a great time meeting new people on the foodbuzz site, so I decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon.

Ok. Here’s the rundown of what I ate today. My breakfast is featured at the top of the page, and it was so yummy! It deserves top billing!! I started off with a Thomas Light Multi-grain English muffin (my fave English muffin!!) topped with some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and a small banana. Part of the banana didn’t fit on the muffins, so it got sprinkled with cinnamon. I decided to dust the whole thing for good measure. I also made a big pot of my chocolate/coconut/cherry tea, which I mixed with almond milk and skim milk in my thermos and in my mug. I think I’m becoming a fan of tea in the morning. The flavor is nice and delicate, and I’m really enjoying it! 

LunchThis photo makes my lunch look weird, but I promise that it was really yummy. My office seems to be a bad place for photography! I had the last piece of my Broccoli and White Bean Bake from the freezer, along with the rest of my Sunny Basil Orange Salad. I’m loving the salad. It’s bright and happy, and I like the combination of the fruit and carrots with the basil syrup. Yum! I think I’m going to have to make another batch of the bake. I was sad to eat the last piece. 

Vitabrownie and PB Date

For dessert, I had a vitabrownie (yum!) and a Medjool date stuffed with a bit of reduced fat peanut butter. PB+Dates= Serious Deliciousness!!

SamplerAround 1:30 an e-mail went around about some leftover “cake and other food” from the awards ceremony that was held in my office yesterday. I wasn’t planning to go and check out the leftovers, but a healthy eating friend sent me an e-mail to tell me that the “other food” was fruit and veggies! I decided to go and get a little plate and, since I skipped the reception yesterday, I decided to have a very tiny piece of the cake. Two bites did the trick! Other snacks this afternoon included:

A Chocolate Mocha Fiber One bar…

Fiber One Bar

A mix of Trader Joe’s fruit and fiber cereal and Gerbs pumpkin seeds…

cereal and seeds

… and Siggi’s Orange and Ginger (my favorite Siggi’s flavor) with Fiber One. I might have overdone it a bit with the fiber today, but it kept me full! The Fiber One and measuring cup are part of my desk stash!

Siggi'sFor dinner, I decided to get creative. I seared some tofu, topped it with Trader Joe’s roasted vegetable tapenade and a bit of parmesan, broiled it to brown the cheese and then had it “open faced sandwich style” on some of my homemade bran bread. It was yummy! I’m going to be making tofu that way more often. I had some crispy cucumber, juicy tomato and hummus on the side.

Din DinI had another vitabrownie for dessert with some fat free cool whip. I usually try not to eat two vitas in the same day, but I got a big on-line order yesterday, and they were so fresh and moist! So good! They are all in the freezer now, so I won’t be as tempted to have two tomorrow. The vitabrownie and Cool Whip combo reminds me of a Hostess cupcake. Yum! I used to love those things!

Vitabrownie 2After I went to the gym, I was hungry so I had a bowl of oat bran with honey and cinnamon honey almonds. I ate it pretty late, and I may be sorry when I do my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I was hungry. If I weigh more, so be it. I know it will all average out eventually anyway and my one snapshot on Friday mornings is just that– a snapshot. I’m making excuses already, which seems like the wrong thing to do, but that was my thought process when I decided to go ahead and have a bowl. It was lovely and sweet and very satisfying. 

oat branMaybe it’s just me, but I think honey, almonds and cinnamon make a pretty combination. They certainly taste awesome together!!

Now, I need to head off to bed. I have a busy day ahead of me, but I’m hoping to wrap up a project tomorrow. I love finishing things on a Friday. I never work weekends, but it is nice to know that it won’t be waiting for me on Monday morning! Have a lovely Friday, and I’ll be telling you about my weigh-in tomorrow as well as a snack I enjoyed this week and the winner of my little contest. You have until tomorrow morning to enter. If you haven’t posted a comment on that post already, I hope you will. I’d love to send some snacks your way.

I also wanted to mention that Erica is giving away a mouthwateringly delicious looking creation (man do I love baked goods!!) to celebrate her 1 year blogging birthday. Check it out: Itzy’s Kitchen

G’night!!! See you tomorrow!


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A Tale of Two Pavlovas and a Day in the Life

Baklava Pavlova

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was excited about my pavlova plan for last night. It’s a little creation I like to call “Baklava Pavlova”… because that’s fun to say, and because it has the nut and honey combo that makes baklava so darn tasty! I mixed 1/2 a tsp of Tupelo honey with 2 Tbsp. of Greek yogurt to make the creamy topping, topped that with chopped cinnamon almonds, and then drizzled another 1/2 of a tsp of honey over the top. I think this one might have been my favorite of the four pavlovas, although tonight’s was pretty awesome too!!!

Since I have to sit through a lawyeriffic conference for the next two days (whilst trying to avoid munching on the breakfast and lunch buffets out of boredom…), I decided to just go ahead and do my weekly “day in the life” food journal post today. I was also working from home, which typically results in less interruptions. So, here it is…

Breakfast was a latte made with unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and a bit of sugar free Torani white chocolate syrup. Unsweetened vanilla almond breeze is, hands down, my favorite non-dairy milk. I really love the stuff! I also had a bowl of oat bran topped with five strawberries, 1/2 an ounce of chopped cinnamon almonds from Trader Joe’s and 1/2 of a Tbsp. of honey. I’m so excited about the oat bran purchase, and this bowl was delicious. Amazingly, it kept me full until lunch, and I didn’t need to go looking for an 11:00 snack.

BreakfastI love oat bran!! I’m also a big fan of anything involving honey and nuts. Speaking of honey, do you know the Van Morrison song, “Tupelo Honey?” I’m a fan of it. I was thinking of it when I chose the Tupelo honey over the other honeys at the store. If I need to laugh, I just listen to that song and focus on the back up singers. They make the song. Their part is hilarious. Speaking of focusing…. Sorry about that…. 

Oat Bran, Strawberries, Cinnamon Almonds and HoneyFor lunch, I made a salad with Boston butter lettuce, roma tomato, carrots, onions and celery and then topped it with my favorite creamy dressing. 

Hummussy SaladMy dressing is made of 1 Tbsp. of Greek yogurt, 2 Tbsp. of Forty Spices Hummus, and a little bit of salt and then thinned out with a bit of lemon juice. Since there are about a zillion flavors of hummus available, the possibilities for this dressing seem endless.

Hummus, Yogurt and Lemon... Yum!I also had a serving of my “Big Batch” Broccoli and White Bean Bake  and some leftover spinach and mushrooms topped with a bit of parmesan cheese. I think the casserole is getting better by the day, and I’m really loving the beans!

Broccoli and White Bean Bake

For lunch dessert, I had a bowl of TJ’s fruit and fiber cereal with some dried peaches and a little skim milk.

Lunch DessertTime sort of got away from me this afternoon. I spent a lot of the day on the phone with my boss and with the analysts I work with trying to get things squared away before my two day hiatus. At some point,  I realized that I was past due for a snack so I doubled up and had a bowl of fresh pineapple and a piece of peanut butter toast with sugar free jam.

PB&J Toast and PineappleAfter that, I had a vitatop…

Chocolate Vita TopThat was followed by one last snack before I went to kickboxing. Despite being sick, I’ve mostly kept up with my workout schedule. It has been tough to muster up the energy to go, but I find that I feel better afterwards. At the very least, my nose unstops for a little while. I went to class tonight since I can’t go tomorrow during lunch, and I needed something that would hold me past my usual dinnertime and through the class. Siggi’s Pomegranate and Passion Fruit (with its 16 grams of protein) was the winner along with some Fiber One. I tried the orange and ginger flavor last week and posted about it. I tried the blueberry yesterday, and really liked it. I’d been saving this one since it involved pomegranate (which I LOVE), thinking that it would be “blow my mind” good. Unfortunately, the passion fruit flavor is predominant, and, well, I don’t love passion fruit. I think that the orange and ginger is my fave, and I’ll definitely be stocking up on it and the blueberry in the future. 

Siggi'sAfter class, I made dinner: crispy kale and tacos made with 96/4 ground beef, Cabot 75% reduced fat sharp cheddar, Pepitos corn tortillas (2 for 1 point!), and some salsa. I love tex mex, and I can usually get a fix with something as basic as this.

Crispy Kale and TacosFinally…. Pavlova’s swan song. I ate the last of my four little pavlovas this evening. I’m going to be sad when I don’t have one to eat tomorrow night, but I’m determined not to get into a pavlova addiction/dessert rut. The last pavlova was topped with some fat free cool whip, a Tbsp. of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, and fresh strawberries. It was a pretty classic flavor combo with a bit of peanut buttery goodness mixed in, and it was yummy. I think that the Baklava Pavlova was my favorite, but this one is probably the runner up.

Pavlova's Swan Song

If you were dressing a pavlova, what would yours be wearing? 

I had a pretty yummy day!! Now I need to pack a bunch of snacks for tomorrow and head off to bed. These conferences always seem to involve buffets of pastries in the morning and buffets of mayonnaisey salads and cardboardy desserts at noon. I’m not planning to avoid the free food altogether. I just suspect that, if this is similar to other events I’ve attended, most of the food may not really be worth my points. That means I need to be prepared with things that I would prefer to eat so that I don’t eat the other junk out of boredom or hunger. I may sneak a few photos, and I will definitely tell you how it goes tomorrow including whether any of the food makes the cut and finds its way onto my plate!!

A few tidbits to wrap up:

Tina– you will be getting some interview questions from me tomorrow or Friday so get ready! I can’t wait to learn more about you!


Don’t forget to submit your BSI entries to me at melodylawgirl@yahoo.com by midnight on Sunday, March 1st. This week is BSI: Black Beans. I’ve received one luscious looking entry so far, and updated the post so check it out!

Other Awesome Contests!!

Check out this awesome granola that Heather is giving away at Hangry Pants.

Also check out this fun giveaway going on at Mara’s site!

Goodnight, y’all!


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Another Day in the Life…

BreakfastSince today was a “work from home” day, I decided to do another post to show you what a typical day’s menu looks like for me. This morning, I started off by making a little pot of espresso. I added the rich espresso to 1/2 cup of skim milk and 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze with a bit of sugar free chocolate Torani syrup. You may wonder why I mix almond milk and skim milk. Well, I love the almond milk, but it doesn’t count as a dairy serving for purposes of weight watchers. I hate to miss a perfect opportunity– a morning latte, to get in some “official” dairy so the mixture is my compromise. 

Big BowlAlong with my latte, I had a serving of Hodgson Mill Bulgur Wheat with Soy leftover from the batch I made to go with my curried cauliflower. I really love this stuff. It is nutty and yummy plus, a serving has 3 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. You get a lot of bang for 2 weight watcher points! I topped it with a little of the almond milk from my latte mug, some chopped up cinnamon almonds from TJ’s and a bit of honey. It was sooooo good! 

Siggi's Orange & GingerSince I was planning to kickbox at noon, that meant that my lunch would be late and also that I would be in for a challenging workout. Today’s class was definitely tough! I felt pretty energetic start to finish and noticed that my form is starting to improve, which made me happy. My kickboxing class is always the toughest, but most fun workout I have all week. I’m so glad I got brave enough to try it!

I decided I needed to have a filling snack around 11:00 to give me a little energy boost before class. At Whole Foods the other day, my curiosity was piqued by this Siggi’s Icelandic style skyr strained non-fat yogurt in Orange & Ginger. I bought it thinking that it would be a little treat, and it was exactly that. It has a texture very much like that of my beloved Fage Greek yogurt, and the flavorings were lovely. It is sweetened with agave nectar and was just sweet enough with my Fiber One cereal twigs. As a plus, this little container packs 16 grams of protein!! Most importantly– it was just tasty. I loved the little bits of ginger and the fresh taste of the orange. There was a pomegranate variety on the shelf beside this one, and I’m definitely going to have to try it next!
Lunch!For lunch, I had some of my leftover mushroom casserole along with a very tasty salad. The casserole doesn’t look nearly as yummy as it tastes. I’ve really been enjoying it in my lunches this week!

SaladMy salad was a mix of romaine, grape tomatoes, celery, carrots, goat cheese and pumpkin seeds topped with freshly ground pepper and my mustard and cherry vinegar mixture. Yum! I thought it was too pretty not to have its own close up.

Blueberry ShortcakeAre you a fellow vitamuffin eater? If yes, have you tried the golden corn vitatop? I order big boxes of vitamuffins and keep my freezer well stocked. I usually stick with the chocolate varieties of the vitatops (the peanut butter fudge ones are my fave), but I decided to try the golden corn vitatops when I placed my last order. I figured that this is soup and chili season, and, well, what goes better with soup and chili than cornbread?! As it turns out, these remind me more of the old school shortbread cake that my mom used to make when we would have strawberry shortcake than the cornbread I ate as a kid, which was not usually very sweet. Sure enough, when topped with berries and some fat free cool whip, it makes a great shortcake. I’m a big fan! When berries are back in season, I will have to order more of these along with my usual chocolate selections.

Sugar Snap SnackOne of my snacks this afternoon was the rest of my sugar snap peas from last night.

Cara CaraI also had a beautiful and sweet cara cara red naval orange. It looks like a grapefruit, but tastes like an orange. Tricky… and delish!

Cascadian Farms BarFor my last afternoon snack, I had a Cascadian Farm organic fiber right dark chocolate almond chewy granola bar. I bought these on a whim, along with the Siggi’s, at Whole Foods the other day, and I will be buying them again. I love Fiber One bars, but they do have a lot of strange ingredients in them. This was very similar, but its ingredients are a bit less mysterious. I don’t expect it to replace my Fiber One bar addiction, but I do expect to keep some of these around. I really like them a lot. In fact, I bought them on Sunday and there is only one left. 

DinnerFor dinner, I sauteed some shallot, garlic, mushrooms and spinach. I made enough to fill several omelets or to make several frittatas. I really do love leftovers! I put some of the spinach mixture in my little skillet, topped it with egg beaters, cottage cheese and reduced fat parmesan, and then popped it under the broiler. I had this along with a lovely sliced tomato topped with fresh pepper and a piece of Nature’s Own Double Fiber bread topped with Better ‘n Peanut Butter and sugar free raspberry preserves.
TJ's Fruit and Fiber CerealAfter dinner, I had a bowl of Trader Joe’s Fruit and Fiber cereal with a splash of almond milk. A bowl of cereal like this would not keep me full for very long, but it makes a good snack or bite of something sweet.

Chocolate HeartSpeaking of bites of sweetness, I finished the night off with a little bite of chocolate. I am usually immune to post holiday candy sales, but these Lake Champlain chocolates from Whole Foods looked too good to pass up. I’ve been eating one piece each night, and enjoying them completely! Tonight I ate the one with the tree. It had pieces of mint in it. Yum! 

After I finish this post, I’m planning to have a cup of vanilla honey chamomile tea and then head off to bed. Tomorrow morning is my weigh-in, and I’m not really sure what to expect. Regardless of how that turns out, I’ve eaten lots of good healthy food this week, and I’ve enjoyed making some new recipes. I hope that you are enjoying my little cooking adventures too!


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