Adventures with Coby

CobyHi, Sweetie Pies! I’m just gearing up for the work week, and counting the minutes until tonight’s episode of Mad Men. How about you? Are you ready for Monday? Some people don’t seem bothered by Mondays, but I am NOT one of those people. Ugh. I have too much fun on the weekend. 

Speaking of fun, I went biking today, with my bike, Coby, on the Mount Vernon Trail. I rode about 25 miles round trip. It was such a nice and sunny day. In fact, it was so nice and sunny that everyone and their dog (literally) had the same idea. The bigger part of me is thrilled to see so many people out, enjoying the trail and being active. It’s great to see families walking or biking together, and it’s so nice to see people enjoying themselves. However, a part of me also gets frustrated because the trail isn’t all that wide and it has a number of hills and curves. It can be hard to enjoy the ride when you’re constantly worried about passing walkers or runners safely so that you have room to build momentum to climb the next hill, or trying not to run into people who don’t pay attention to the dotted yellow line separating the paved trail into a little two-way highway. I used to walk and run on the trail, and I hated worrying about whether I was going to get hit by a biker. It just gets too crowded for comfort for everyone!

I was reminded of why I’ve kind of avoided the Mount Vernon Trail this summer in favor of some trails that tend to be a bit less traveled. Last Saturday, I set out for a 30 mile trek from my place to Great Falls, MD and back home. It took just under four hours, but it was a fun trip. I was satisfyingly worn out by the time I got back home. Aaah. I love that feeling! To get to the falls, I got on the towpath along the C&O Canal in Georgetown, and rode the gravelly trail between the canal and the Potomac. To get back, I took a paved road, McArthur Boulevard, that had an awesome bike path. I thought I’d share a few photos.

One thing I love about riding on the towpath is the opportunity to see things like this:

BirdmanIt is a bit more secluded and much farther from the highway than the MVT, and that’s a plus. I saw this guy (or girl? not sure…) as well as a few big turtles and some tiny blue lizards. I was busy riding, so I didn’t stop to snap photos of them, but they made me smile. I love that I can enjoy nature so close to my apartment and to the city. You just have to know where to look!

There are lots of old lock houses all along the canal. It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like when the canal was really in use. Here’s the sign on the front of one of the lock houses:

Lock House

After about 15 miles of riding, I made it to the bridge with a view of the falls, and I had to leave Coby behind. Why leave Coby?

No Bikes!Fair enough. Coby waited patiently. In case you have forgotten, “Coby” is short for cobalt, the color of Coby’s frame.

Waiting Coby

This was my view from the bridge:

Great FallsNo visit to a scenic overlook would be complete without a cheesy self portrait (nerdy but absolutely necessary helmet included). 🙂 

Self PortraitThe smile is big because the 15 miles it took for me to get to the falls seemed sort of endless at times. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of markers on the towpath, so it was hard to gauge just how close (or far) I was from the falls. I was so happy to finally be there!! I was also super glad that I had snacks to fuel my ride home! 🙂 

Biking is one of my favorite “exercises that don’t really seem like exercise.” With all of the beautiful scenery and fresh air, it’s easy to forget that I’m getting a workout. My heart rate monitor/calorie counter is my only proof! Do you have a favorite “exercise that doesn’t seem like exercise?” What did you do this weekend? I hope you had a great one!! 

Now, I’m going to make a bowl of oatmeal and get ready to watch Mad Men. Oatmeal seems to be my favorite evening snack lately. I love the flavor, and I really love how well it fills me up. Perfect! Have a good week, Sweetie Pies. Ciao for now! 🙂


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12 responses to “Adventures with Coby

  1. debby

    Oh, that looks and sounds wonderful! I MUST get my bike tire fixed!

    Oatmeal in the evening? Sounds like a lovely night time snack, maybe even better than in the morning. I must remember to try that sometime!

    I am waiting to watch my favorite ‘internet tv show’ ‘The Quilt Show.” It only comes on every two weeks, and I really look forward to it!

  2. Sounds like an amazing ride! I love playing frisbee -it never feels like exercise!

  3. We went to our favorite State Park (Starved Rock) to hike on Labor Day. Unfortunately everybody and their cousin (AND dogs too!) was there. Thankfully, once we walked about a mile into it, most of the people had given up, or the trails fork off enough that 99% of the crowd was lost. I was so happy b/c I agree – overpacked trails are a bummer. The rest of our hike was great until coming in that last mile – hit w/ the crowd again. Ours also had a bunch of lock and dams and I found myself thinking the same thing – what a bustling wonderful part of the river it must have been back in its “hay day!”

    Giveaway on my blog! 🙂 Head on over everybody!

  4. Brandi

    what a beautiful ride! glad you could enjoy the outdoors 🙂

    Hiking is my “doesn’t feel like exercise” activity. i love it. I love finding new outlooks, waterfalls, etc, and it never feels like a workout even though it’s sometimes a killer!

  5. 25 miles? Whew!

    LOVE the pink helmet!

  6. Wish my knee prostheses worked bicycle pedals. I can’t even do the exercises in Silver Sneakers that emulate peddling.

    I’m sending you blog address to our planning commissioner who is very much into trails. She may or may not comment so if some stranger is lurking with ISP, it is not me.

  7. 25 miles? Wow you rock! Looks like a beautiful ride too! I love running on the beach- its so pretty, it never feels like work 🙂 I was SO not ready for Monday today

  8. What a great trip! Love the photos you took. I would say that biking on my beach cruiser is definitely one of my favorite ways to get exercise without even “knowing” it.

  9. Yea–I can’t wait to get the first Miss Pickles out to ya’ll to enjoy!

  10. I like my hiking off the beaten path too, it’s usually worth it too.

  11. The Potomac…I haven’t been there for so long. Such beautiful pictures…but how the heck did you drag your camera along? Or is it a small point-and-shoot? If so, dang, you’ve got some skills!

  12. Hi there from Kyoto, Japan.

    I’m enjoying looking at the fresh fruit and what you’re doing with-homemade ice cream mm mmm.

    I also like to bike on my weekends for exercise. It’s either that or walking.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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