Mr. Banana Man and Random Portion Size Reminders

Hi!! I hope everyone is having a good week. Tomorrow is Friday, you know. Woo hoo!!! As usual, I’m ready for the weekend. How about you? Any big plans? 

My big plans today included a big bowl of breakfast. I had oat bran, 5 grain cereal, Jay Robb’s vanilla whey protein powder, agave nectar, a baby banana, and some Trader Joe’s Peanuts, Berries and Almonds ((PB&A)) in the bowl. So good!! Baby banana, Sweetie Pie? Just wait. You’ll see….

Baby Nanners

The baby nanners are super yellow, and super good!

For lunch, I grilled a Trader Joe’s Chile Chicken Lime burger, and used it to make a quick taco salad.

Another Big BowlI put lettuce, red bell pepper and corn in the bowl along with some crunched up light Tostitos and some little cubes of Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar. I topped it with the chopped up burger, and then added salsa, Greek yogurt and a bit of Tostitos Bean and Cheese Dip on the top. I love salads like this one! I don’t want to discuss the ingredients in the Tostitos dip. I’m sure it isn’t the greatest. Speaking of Tostitos products in jars, I have to confess that I love their cheese dip more than I should. Seriously. It’s perfect when I need a Taco Bell type powdered cheese fix. Sometimes it really hits the spot.

Following my big salad….

Mr. Banana ManIntroducing: Mr. Banana Man!! I bought this huge bunch of baby bananas at the international food grocery store last weekend, and I can’t seem to make a dent in them. I love baby bananas because of their smaller portion size. They’re also really cute! I have a feeling some of these babies are about to get frozen and dipped in some chocolate, since I have so many, but, um… I’m ok with that! I couldn’t resist playing with my food a bit. Mr. Banana Man has vanilla wafer features, a banana mouth and a PB& Company Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB goatee. alternatively, he has a PB mouth and a big banana ‘stache. I’m not sure which it is. What do you think?

Later in the day, I sliced up a pretty pink lady apple, and then made a very tasty dip.

Hey, Pretty Lady!I mixed 2 Tablespoons of PB2 with a Tablespoon of Greek yogurt and half a Tablespoon of berry jam. It was vaguely cheesecakey, and totally delicious!! This might be my favorite use for PB2 so far. Too bad I’m out of apples. 😦 Luckily, I’m sure it would taste great on a baby banana, and goodness knows I have plenty of those!

Closer to dinner time, I had a little snack bowl.

Snickitty SnackI often have this mix in the evening, but I really wanted it for an afternoon snack today. I think this bowl is a great example of how quickly little bites of things can add up caloriewise. I put about half a serving of Quaker Essentials Crunchy Corn Bran squares, one fifth of a serving of Zoe’s honey almond granola and one third of a serving of Reese’s peanut butter chips in the bowl. This added up to 115 calories despite being little bits of this and that. That’s certainly not a bad total for a snack, but seeing the total is a great reminder of how the little bites add up!

For dinner, I was feeling the urge to use something out of the pantry. I had so much success with my little freezer clean out project, that I’m now trying to clean out the pantry. It was cool and rainy most of today, so it seemed like the perfect day for a bowl of Trader Joe’s turkey chili with beans.

TJ's Bowl of GoodnessThere is some roasted cauliflower hiding under there, and a couple of blocks of Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar on top. Sometimes a simple dinner from a can is a nice thing. Finding a meal in the pantry is sort of like finding change in the couch cushions. I love a hidden treasure!

For dessert, I had a serving of the Breyer’s All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream that we bought while my parents were here.

Chocolate Minty GoodnessMint chocolate chip is such a perfect combo! There is a lesson in this bowl too. In case you haven’t noticed, I have ice cream almost every night. I love it!! I always weigh out a serving because it saves me from having a dirty measuring cup, and I know I get a more accurate serving. The other thing I always do is put it in a small bowl. Tonight, I grabbed a regular sized bowl, and I couldn’t believe how empty it looked! Using a little bowl really does make your brain think you are having more ice cream. This also is a good reminder of what a serving of ice cream looks like. The next time I find myself in front of a huge bowl, I should keep this in mind!

After my little dessert, I went to work out with my trainer and do some cardio. I loved reading about your favorite stretches in the comments on my last post! It sounds like the old classics rate pretty high with y’all. They do with me too! Sadly, I was still a bit sore from all of the Tuesday night lunges when I got to class tonight. Of course, there was more lunging. Ugh! I feel like both of my strength training work outs were really good this week, but I suspect that I have another day or two of soreness in my future. What’s that saying? “Pain is weakness leaving the body?” Well, I think I’m leaving a trail of weakness behind me. 🙂

After my work out, I treated some strawberries, 1/2 a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and 1/2 a packet of Weight Watcher’s Chocolate Smoothie Mix to a little spin in the magic bullet. Yum!! I think this would be an interesting color for nail polish:

SmoothI love chocolate and berries together. Strangely enough, I’m still hungry. I think it’s time for a few almonds and then I’m off to bed. I’ve had a hard time falling asleep this week, so I’m going to have a nice cup of chamomile tea along with my almonds and I hope that will do the trick. 

Before I go, I wanted to tell you that Lucky Taste Buds is hosting a massive giveaway, so be sure to check it out. LTB is always a fun blog to read, and I’ve learned about a number of interesting eats from her site. I highly recommend a visit to Lucky Taste Buds!

Ciao for now, y’all and I hope you have a great Friday!


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14 responses to “Mr. Banana Man and Random Portion Size Reminders

  1. I love those baby bananas, I think they’d be awesome dipped in chocolate!

  2. Mint chocolate chip, baby.

  3. i vote for banana stache 🙂 those little bananas are so cute.

    Hope you have a great Friday!

  4. HAHA Mr. Banana Man! What a cutie – I could just eat him up 😉

    Don’t you love how thick PB2 makes the Greek yogurt? It’s like taken to the next level! What a pretty smoothie and I love the ingredients in your snack mix!!

    Have a great Friday!

  5. oh my gosh, banana man is too cute! I love how the baby bananas above the plate make it look like he has a crazy headdress, or really funky hair 😀

    I’m with you–I love having different size bowls. I use tiny ones for small portions, and range to HUGE serving bowls for salads. Bowl size is important!

    Have a lovely friday!

  6. Stephanie

    Skeptical about crazy bacon products?

    I must not tell Dave about that! I swear we were one of Bacon Salt’s first customers, and haven’t looked back since. Put the bake some salmon over it, and I promise you’ll be hooked too!

  7. Olivia

    The baby bananas are adorable! How is the TJs turkey chili? I have it in my pantry and have yet to try it. I guess I have that hidden treasure in my pantry too!

  8. maggieapril

    Banana Man’s Chocolate-Berry nail polish. I think you have something there…

  9. traveleatlove

    Muahahaha I LOVE the Tostitos salsa con queso. Such a nice indulgence one in awhile.

  10. Ok, I better be the voice of reason…I think it’s time to put the bananas away into the freezer… 🙂 just kidding. The picture made my day! Whenever my hair sticks up like that, I’ll be reminded of this picture and call it “banana hair.”

  11. Mr. Banana Man is very cute. I’m back from convention with 2.5 extra lbs. They surely feed well at these gatherings. The League must think we work so hard we never eat. They should have weighed us all. I did not see very many emaciated persons!

    Every meal was too much. Wherever my friend and I sat, we all swapped food. Except for one time, I swapped out chocolate for alternate desserts of apple pie, and cheese cake.

    A new addition was wine at the main dinner. Of course there is emphasis on Arkansas industry so wine and rice were from our own industries.

    We walked whenever we could but heat and humidity took a toll on me.

    The historic Arlington was interesting, but I prefer the more modern amenities. The 7th floor swimming pool and huge hot tub was interesting.

  12. Mr. Bananaman needs to be eaten.

  13. I love those small bannanas !

    Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

    Have A Great Day!

  14. i love the banana man!!! hes so cool looking!

    hope your week is going well!

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