Introducing: “Gritsy Bran”

Hi, y’all! I hope this post finds everyone well. My work week is going much better after having wrapped up several things on Friday. I’m breathing a sigh of relief! My big news this week is that my parents are arriving on Saturday to spend a week hanging out at Chez Sweetie Pie. It’s always fun when they come to visit from Arkansas, and I’m looking forward to seeing them. I’m also looking forward to cooking all sorts of things. I love having people to feed! 🙂

Today, I’ve been busy feeding myself. I got creative this morning, and had an interesting mix in my breakfast bowl.

Gritsy BranI love grits, and I love oat bran. I decided to try the two together. They make an awesome couple! Who knew? I really like the taste and texture of “Gritsy Bran.” It’s unique, and half a serving of grits plus half a serving of oat bran made for a hefty and delicious bowl. I also added some Jay Robb’s protein powder, as usual, along with a bit of agave nectar. Then I topped it off with an apple and some chopped almonds. You can expect to see more “Gritsy Bran” in my breakfast bowls. I lurved it!

Lunch today looks much like yesterday’s lunch– complete with the picnic blanket. Yay!!

LunchI had a salad with light Italian dressing, and topped it with an Amy’s Texas Veggie Burger with melted cheddar. It was good yesterday, and it was good today!

I wanted to say a quick thanks to those of you who told me about the salad dressings you enjoy. I do love straight vinegar, and I often make my own concoctions involving mustard, vinegar, hummus, salsa, Greek yogurt, lemon juice and other things of that nature. I just think it might be fun, now that we are entering “salad season,” to buy one already made for me. I’m very much out of the loop, so it was great to hear about some of the products you enjoy. I plan to invest in some dressing on my next grocery shopping trip!!

The new item on today’s blanket is the Maple Nut Clif Bar. I loved the Carrot Cake Clif Bar I tried yesterday, and I was excited to try another flavor. I’d always avoided these because they are high in calories (and points), but they work well to round out a light lunch by serving as a protein packed “dessert.” I liked the Carrot Cake bar the best so far, but Maple Nut wasn’t too shabby!

I lunched with a couple of friends again today, and my friend, Miss C and I decided to take a quick stroll over to Tangy Sweet. I needed second dessert! I might be am totally hooked on Tangy Sweet! It’s close enough to the office to be dangerous! Today, I had a small chocolate fro yo topped with teddy grahams.

Still Tangy, Still SweetI counted the Teddy Grahams (16) so that I could figure out the calories when I got back to my computer. I might be a little nutty, but I like to know what I’m working with caloriewise so that I can adjust the rest of my eats if need be. It was good, but I actually think I like the chocolate fro yo better with strawberries. Good to know! 

Later in the afternoon, I felt a bit snackish so I  had a bowl of Blue Ridge Dairy Greek yogurt mixed with berry jam and strawberries from the farmer’s market.

Yo!!I didn’t snack much this afternoon since I had the bonus fro yo with lunch, but then, I wasn’t particularly hungry. Funny how that happens when I eat a bigger lunch! In addition to the Greek yogurt, I had the half serving of Snikiddy Pizza Puffs that I’d tossed in my lunch bag when it was close to time to head home.

Puffs!I’m loving this little snack for its crunch factor. Substance wise, of course, it’s kind of like eating air– tasty, tasty air! 

I was really craving Mexican this evening, so, while riding the metro home, I was thinking about what I had on hand that I could turn into a Mexican-esque dinner. I liked my final creation, and it was nice to use what I had on hand. Check it out!

Tex Mex FrittataIt looks a little weird, but it tasted awesome! I seasoned half a chopped onion, half a chopped red bell pepper and some spinach with a bit of Adobo and gave it a quick saute in a bit of cooking spray. When the veggies were soft, I poured 1/2 cup of egg beaters over the top of the veggies and let the mix cook in the skillet until the egg was nearly set up. Then, I put 1/2 cup of fat free green chili refried beans on the top, sprinkled an ounce of feta on the beans, and put it under the broiler just to finish setting up the eggs and to brown the cheese a bit. After it was done, I added some salsa and chowed down.

I had tortillas in the fridge, and I considered making bean tacos. I decided that I wanted more protein, and the tortillas got replaced by egg beaters. Eggs/egg beaters really are a “go to” food for me when I want more protein on the menu. I’m constantly amazed at how versatile they are.  This frittata was filling, had the flavors I wanted and really hit the spot! 

I followed it up with a bit of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB on Multi-grain bread.

Bread and ChocolateYou can’t go wrong with bread and chocolate, and when you add a PB twist… yum.

After my little dessert, I went to class with my trainer. Tonight’s workout was AWFUL! 😦 I’m not sure what the problem was, but I suspect I should have rested last night instead of doing cardio.

I struggled through the ab workout, and had to do easier versions of some moves that are usually not a problem. When it came to lifting, I reached failure sooner than usual, and I had to use some lighter weights. It was frustrating! I felt so weak and wimpy. Ugh! These sorts of workouts happen on occasion, and I just hope the next class will be better! 

I usually rest on Mondays and Fridays, but my workout schedule has been sort of screwy lately. After vacation, I returned to find that my trainer was in the midst of a project that has caused several cancellations. Glitches in her schedule are the reason I haven’t been back to kickboxing. In addition, I have a reception to attend tomorrow night, so I decided to trade my Monday night off for a Wednesday night off this week. That means that I didn’t take a rest day between my Sunday and Tuesday strength training workouts. I’m really looking forward to getting things back to normal. I think it makes a big difference!

I liked reading your comments about how you incorporate strength training into your lives, and now I’m wondering how you incorporate rest and recovery. How many workout days do you shoot for each week? Do you place great importance on recovery time? Can you tell when you haven’t recovered properly? 

After my disaster of a work out (I still burned 500 calories, but I struggled through every one!!), I had the interesting sensation of knowing exactly what I wanted for dessert. The bread and chocolate, well, that was a teaser! 😉 It is rare that I crave something specific, and even weirder when it is some sort of junk food. It seemed like I should honor my craving.

I’ve never mentioned this before, but there is a convenience store located in my building. That means that I can hop in the elevator and grab any old junk food I might be craving with very little effort. The store actually has some pretty gourmet choices too, and it’s great if I’m out of milk or looking for an emergency jar of salsa. It’s also perfect if I happen to have a specific craving for….

Oreos…. Oreos! I’m not sure why these were on my mind, but there was a mention of them in the book I’m currently reading, Underworld. Did that cause it? I don’t know. What I do know is that I really wanted Oreos, and I took advantage of the store downstairs by going down and snagging a single serving package. I enjoyed every bite! Although, I’m glad I opted for the single serving pack. I could have schnarfed tons of these little junk food gems. Instead, I savored my little packet. I wish it was always so easy to know exactly what will hit the spot, and I’m going to try to do a better job of responding when the answer is clear. 

With that, I’m going to bid you a goodnight. I need to empty the dishwasher, program the coffee maker, and put a load of clothes in the dryer. Fun fun fun!!! I also need to make sure I have a nice big bowl ready for some “Gritsy Bran” in the morning!

I hope you have a great humpday! Ciao for now, y’all. 🙂


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11 responses to “Introducing: “Gritsy Bran”

  1. Love your dinner idea – it looks awesome! I’m intrigued by your gritsy oats, I have never had grits before or seen them in Canada before!

  2. Oh I’m envious of the little convenience store! Even carefully planning out my list, looking through the cabinets, menu plan, coupons, and store flyer I always, always, always end up forgetting something.

  3. Hey girl! So fun that your parents are coming to visit!!!! I love having people to cook for too- so fun. Your lunchy salad looks great- I’m a big fan of SIMPLE dressings. I use either just salsa or a touch of olive oil and loads of balsamic or red wine vinegar or a touch of olive oil with lemon juice. Yum yum!

    YES – rest days are super important. I work out around 6 days a week with 1 full rest day and I take at least 1 of my workout days on the lighter side.

    Have a good one 😉

  4. gritsy bran – love it!

    sorry about your workout! I think everyone has days like that, though.

    how fun that your parents are coming!!!

  5. You’ve got to try the white choc. mac. nut Clif! It’s my favorite by far!! Tastes like a cookie 🙂

    Your Fro Yo sounds fantastic! I’ve never tried grits, I feel like I’m missing out! Sorry the workout wasn’t that great – hope the next one is better!

  6. Snikkiddy pizza puffs? They look YUM where did you find them? Youre right about the goldfish crackers (which were the pizza blast ones), they are yummy, but for me at least, a little dangerous!

    I love cheese grits, so I made cheese oat bran the other day, and it was delicious!

    Workouts-Right now I’m in a 30 Day Challenge with myself, to excercise everyday for 30 Days. I do weights 2 days on and 1 day off, but get in cardio everyday. Granted, it sounds like your workouts are pretty killer, so everyday might be a bit much! When I’m not doing the challenge, I shoot for 4-5 workouts a week (ontop of my normal 2-3 miles of walking my dog).

  7. Those gritsy oats look delicious! I’ve been a little absent lately due to work overload… 🙂 As for workouts; I try and balance it out. My aim is to do at least three days of workout. I’ve found that my body doesn’t recover so easily anymore now that I am older (why does that sound sooo terrible..?? lol) so I have to have one day of rest in between if I’ve done something vigorous like spinning.

  8. I’ve been working out more these last few weeks and the issue of rest days is really tough for me too. Like, people call yoga “active rest” but I do Vinyasa once a week and I am sometimes SORE the next day, so is it rest or is it working out?

    It’s hard for me to tell the difference between listening to my body when it NEEDS a rest, and listening to my brain when it WANTS to stay home and, you know, watch Real Housewives of NJ instead of working out. I don’t want to over-do it, but I also want to reach my goals…so I don’t know.

    Sorry for the rant, but you asked for it 🙂

  9. I love your Mexican creation. I once took hot dogs and added them to nachos!

  10. I’e got to find some oat bran somewhere. Grits with something else sounds heavenly. Maybe by the time I find it, it will be cool weather. I like that kind of breakfast in fall and winter.

    Just arrived home for Little Rock; despite my perceived overeating it looks like I maintained. I did not have a scale to weigh this a.m. to post WW on-line so I played it safe and added a pound.

    I should have had more faith?!!

  11. homegirlcaneat

    I loooove grits! I haven’t had them since I lived in Tennessee for boarding school though! They are so yummy and I can only imagine how good they taste in oat bran!

    I JUST got my first jar of DCD and it is a life changing new stable in my kitchen!!

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