In a Flash

Hi, kids! Today seems to have flown by! Seriously, where did the day go? I need to make this quick so that I get a good night’s sleep. Here are today’s eats— in a flash! 

First, I have to say that you guys had some pretty amazing food over the weekend. I loved hearing all about it in the comments so thanks for sharing! 🙂


Today’s bowl was 3/4 oat bran, 1/4 five grain cereal, almonds, molasses, Jay Robb’s vanilla whey protein powder and a ton of berries. I also had some of my Williamsburg coffee with a bit of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze. Today’s coffee flavor was English Toffee. Mmmm….


I had a lettuce, radish, cucumber and tomato salad topped with some Kraft Zesty Light Italian dressing and an Amy’s Texas Veggie Burger with melted cheddar. I love Amy’s Texas burgers, by the way. They are slightly sweet and SO good!


I’ve been having balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing for so long that having a prepackaged dressing is really kind of weird. I like! I think I might need to check out salad dressings again. It might be time to invest in a bottle of something good. What’s your favorite low calorie dressing? I’d love suggestions!

Since my lunch was a bit smallish, I decided it was a perfect day to have a higher calorie bar on the side. I tasted Mr. T’s carrot cake Clif Bar when we were at the zoo, and I thought it was really tasty. Of course, I had to buy one of my own. The carrot cake bar was perfect for me today! It bulked up the protein in my lunch, and made for a tasty dessert. I see more of these in my future! I’ve also concluded that I prefer my bars to be a little melty. This one was perfect after a bit of time in the sun.

Now that the weather is warm, you can expect to see more lunch photos taken on my picnic blanket. I love eating outside with my friends. It’s the perfect midday break for a windowless lawyer!

Afternoon Snacks:

For my first snack of the afternoon, I had a bowl of Blue Ridge Dairy Greek yogurt from the farmer’s market sweetened with berry jam and a ton of strawberries. I also snacked on a bowl of cherries. I’m out of cherries now. 😦 I have to get more ASAP!! I love them soooo much!

Yo! Cherries!Later, I munched and crunched on a 1oo calorie bag of microwave kettle corn. Yum!

PoppycornBefore heading home, I wanted one more little nibble. I wanted peanut butter! I’ve recently realized that I sometimes eat extra calories that I don’t want just because it seems like the peanut butter should go ON something. If I really want peanut butter, doesn’t it make more sense to just have it ON a spoon? I would have a piece of cheese without feeling like it had to go on a cracker. I’d eat nuts by themselves. Why should lovely PB be any different?

Unfrozen PBsickleMy musical pepper notepad approved! Wherever there is peanut butter, there’s a party. 😉 The spoon is sporting The Bee’s Knees peanut butter from PB&Co., by the way.


Dinner was tasty, although it looks weird thanks to my see through blue plate. Oh well. Photography lesson learned. I had a turkey bacon BLT on some multi-grain bread from Whole Foods alongside some leftover roasted broccoli topped with melted cheese. Broccoli and cheese are such a classic combo, and the same is true of the BLT. I had a very classic sort of dinner going on, and it really hit the spot. 

Din DinFor dessert I had half a serving of Ciao Bella Maple Ginger Snap Gelato and half a serving of Dolci Gelati Pumpkin Pie Gelato. When I can’t decide which flavor to have, I am a firm believer in having a dab of both!

Love from the FreezerAfter Dinner Nibbles:

I just finished a 25 minute run outside followed by 35 minutes of cardio in the gym. I don’t usually run outside during the week, but, since it is staying light much later, I was able to do the first chunk of my workout al fresco. It was nice. I hate being stuck in the gym all the time! After I did a bit of core work and a ton of stretching I came back to the apartment and had a salty snack. I recently found these at Whole Foods, and I’ve really been digging them!

Pizza PuffsThey are nicely seasoned, but not covered in a crazy orange powder. Don’t get me wrong: I like the cheesy poufs with the crazy orange glow, but I hate having orange fingers! These are yummy and much less messy. I can imagine that as a benefit if you have kiddos. If you like salty snacks, you should try these! I had half a serving, and it was still a nice amount. That little bowl is only 55 calories!!

I think there is probably one more snack in my future, perhaps a chocolate covered frozen banana, and there is definitely a cup of tea waiting to be sipped. This may be my quickest post yet, but I loved my food today so I really wanted to share.

I hope you had a great day!! I’m still getting caught up on the blog posts I missed during my vacation, and it is nice catching up with everyone. My google reader is still touting 1000+ posts, but I’m positive that I’m making progress. Everyone has so much to say, and I love hearing about what you are all up to! Now, I’m up to finding that last snack and getting to bed.

Have a great Tuesday! Ciao for now!! 🙂


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10 responses to “In a Flash

  1. I need to get myself those 100 calorie packs of popcorn. I always end up popping the huge bag of the movie theater butter and leaving at least 1/2 to go to waste — tsk tsk.

    My fav. low cal dressing is Newman’s Own “Lighten Up” Balsamic vinaigrette. I have to admit I don’t really care when it comes to salad dressings! I know that’s horrible, but if it tastes good and I figure I’m only using a Tbsp or 2! What’s the extra 50 calories to enjoy the meal more?! haha I’m bad, I know!!!

  2. My favorite dressing for everything is Ken’s Steakhouse Lite Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing [tablespoonful=1pt]

    We are in Little Rock at VA for husband. His favorite restaurant is Ryans, a mecca for bad habits. I came home and logged 30 pts not having a clue what I ate except a slice of coconut cake with ice cream- I did restrain myself on ice cream. I had baked chicken but had a corn muffin with real butter, so I figure 30 was a conservative number. Fortunately I had little else yesterday.

    Today we’ll probably eat at the canteen in VA hosp. The have sub vender similar to Subway so that may be my lunch.

  3. I actually prefer to make my own dressing. I get bored with the stuff before I can finish a bottle which either results in me wasting it or having 10 bottles of dressing cluttering up my fridge. Also, the bottled stuff is so full of things I can’t pronounce and more companies are using HFCS. Here are my two latest faves:
    1. Salsa, vinegar and Greek Yogurt swirled around in the food processor for a creamy salsa dressing. It goes great on taco-style salads (boston lettuce, tomato, red onion, corn, avocado, black beans, cukes and cheddar).
    2. Freshly chopped basil, an orange champagne vinegar from Trader Joe’s, a touch of OJ and a touch of olive oil. I’ve used it on regular salad and cold beet salad. Next on the menu: using it to marinate chicken, fish, shrimp or scallops.

  4. what a nice day! i love being able to eat outside, too. Gives me a break from my jail cell office 🙂

    I love just using a little olive oil/balsamic/dijon/salt/pepper mixed together.

  5. That notepad = super cute 🙂

  6. Oh your food…it looks so good. I’m going to try to find those burgers. Yum!

    Love the dancing peppers. 🙂

  7. I’m very jealous of that mug!! Ahh!! My favorite dressings: Newman’s Asian Sesame, salsa, fruit, or just spices.

    That broccoli/cheese combo looks SO good!!

  8. homegirlcaneat

    My fav light dressings are Annie’s! The lite honey mustard and the lite ginger dressing (!!!) are SO good! And only like 40 cal per serving!

    Broccoli and cheese reminds me of my childhood! My mom would make this intensely good mac and cheese creamy sauce and pour it all over noodles and broccoli! SOOO GOOD

  9. A day packed with healthy goodies … but the awesome thing is that you didn’t skimp on TASTE! That yummy concoction with the greek yogurt and strawberries has my name written all over it .. I think I’ll treat myself to it after my own workout. Thks!

  10. I should have read down further! I’m going to need to head over to Whole Foods and grab some of the snikiddy puffs, they look right up my alley!

    My favorite dressing isnt pre-packaged, but I love it none the less. I mix equal parts of rice wine vinegar with low sodium soy sauce. Rice wine vinegar is my crack of late, I’ll dip almost anything into it!

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