Packed (almost…) and Ready to Go!

Happy Mother’s day to you (if you are a mother), and if not, well, happy Sunday! I thought I’d leave you with a quick post before I head off on vacation. I’m not planning to post while I’m cruising in Alaska, but I will be taking tons of photos. I can’t wait to share them with you when I get back!

I’ve been busy trying to do some last minute shopping and packing over the last couple of days, and I haven’t had time to post up until now. Rather than try to catch you up on everything I’ve eaten, I thought I’d tell you about the yummy things I had on Friday. Everything else has basically been an adventure in refrigerator clean-out, and not that noteworthy.

On Friday, a friend of mine called before I left work, and we decided to hang out in the District for a bit before fleeing to our Virginia suburbs. We didn’t really have a plan, but I had just heard about a new fro-yo place that I wanted to try that was close by, so I proposed that we check it out. I loved the sign on the sidewalk outside of  Tangysweet:

I Saw the Sign“The bastion of zesty frozen delights”… Now, that’s high praise! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this fro-yo place, based on what I’d read about it on-line ahead of time. The website describes their fro-yo as being “tart.” I was intrigued! They have a number of permanent fro-yo options including vanilla, green tea and pomegranate, as well as a daily featured flavor. They also offer a wide array of toppings. There were lots of fresh fruits and berries, nuts and interesting cereal topping choices like Cap’n Crunch and Cocoa Puffs. I decided on the green tea fro-yo topped with some sliced almonds:

Fro-YoThe nutritional information (according to the website) is pretty awesome! There are 90 calories and no fat in 1/2 a cup of the yogurt itself. I got the small size, and it was plenty! The coolest thing was the way my tastebuds reacted to this frozen treat. It did seem quite tart at first. I wasn’t sure if I liked it very much during the first few bites. Then, it started to taste really sweet to me as I continued eating it. It was very interesting the way it seemed to transform as I neared the bottom of the cup. I really enjoyed my treat, and I can definitely see myself becoming a regular at Tangysweet!

After that, we just started walking while trying to figure out what to do next. We ended up doing the most logical thing to do after having dessert: eat dinner. I had seen so much awesome food on various posts in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and I kind of wanted to make up for the fact that I hadn’t had as much as a tortilla chip to celebrate. Make up for it, I did.  We decided to go to Rosa Mexicano. Their food is always very fresh and interesting, and they make the best guacamole right at the table:

Holy FreshamoleyLook at the fresh cilantro! I had a pretty frozen pomegranate margarita on the side– talk about a treat… I never have these! I was already in vacation mode without even leaving town!

Pomegranate MargaritaFor my main course, I ordered the chicken tacos. They came with a tiny little bowl of  red bean chorizo chili, plenty of super spicy salsa, and a cooling little dish of fresh sweet corn in a cream sauce. 

Chicken TacosI ate some of the chicken in taco form, wrapped in little corn tortillas, and then I put my fork to good use and finished off the chicken, peppers and the lovely melted chihuahua cheese in the bottom of the little skillet. They also brought out some delicious black beans and rice for us to share, and I sampled those a bit too. Yum! I love beans!!

Beans 'n RiceI think it is worth mentioning that there were plenty of chips left in the basket at the end of the meal, as well as plenty of beans and rice. They were good, but I was stuffed! There was a time when that chip basket would have been reduced to crumbs whether I was full or not. I love tangible evidence of progress!

Even though I didn’t polish off the chips, I was so full that I didn’t feel well. I started having premonitions about my upcoming cruise. Of course, I believe that vacation is supposed to be fun, and food is one of the parts I enjoy the most. I often enjoy it so much that I don’t feel well afterwards– which is not fun. As with my daily eating, I need to find a better balance between eating what I really want and not overdoing it. I had planned to stay on track (also known as weighing and counting each morsel I ate) until I left for my trip on Monday morning, but the spirit of vacation crept in a bit early with this Friday night fiesta. 

I often think of that sick feeling I get from overeating as “FAT,” which is my acronym for “Food Aversion Therapy.” Just so you know, I deal with lots of acronyms in my job and I love making them up for all sorts of non-job-related things too. Another favorite I have is “PITA,” which stands for “Pain in the Arse.” Anyway, there are days when I want to whine like a moody child that it’s not faaaaiiiirrr that I can’t eat whatever I want all the time and maintain my weight. What usually happens is that, after a week or so of eating whatever I want, I’m more than happy to come home and eat my usual healthy fare thanks to a bit of “FAT.” I know that I feel much better when I’m making healthier choices, and that overstuffed feeling tends to drive that point home.

While it is likely that I will experience some “FAT” over the next week, here on the eve of vacation, I’m setting a few modest goals for myself. I won’t apologize for the fact that I plan to indulge while on vacation. I could choose to only eat healthy things, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. 😉 Even so, I know myself well enough to know that I will still experience a bit of guilt and remorse when I experience “tight pants” syndrome on the way home. I know the negative consequences, but that doesn’t mean that I will do my best to avoid them. I wish that I could banish all food related guilt with a snap of my fingers, but I know that, for me, it isn’t that easy. What I can do is try to come up with a few positive things I can do while on vacation!

  1. Make sure to drink the usual 100 ounces of water a day. There are so many reasons to do this. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you. Plus, I like water and it keeps me from drinking calories, which I prefer not to do. I’d rather eat them in most cases.
  2. Visit the gym each day. I don’t expect to work out at the same level that I do when I’m at home, but I know that if I stay active, it will help a bit. It’s also hard to munch on baked Alaska while running. 🙂 My friend and I walked to a distant metro station after the Mexican feast, and I felt a bit better knowing that I had done something besides just collapse into a stuffed lump of lead. Exercise is always good for my mental health as well as my physical health. I’ve also booked a couple of excursions that are pretty active, as a way to make sure to work in some exercise, and I’m really looking forward to those.
  3. Try to eat as much fresh stuff as possible. I have no idea what to expect as far as food choices go, except to expect that there will be a lot of them. Hearing the phrase “floating buffet” applied to cruising has left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, that means that there will be tasty food available 24/7, which means constant temptation. On the other hand, that probably means that I will have enough options to mix some healthier choices in with some unhealthier choices. I figure the easiest way to do that is just to make sure to focus on getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into each day along with whatever else I might decide to eat. 
  4. Remember that tasting is fine and that cleaning the plate is not necessary. Variety can get me into trouble because I like to taste everything. I just need to remember to try to share things with my cruising friends, and to ask myself whether I really want that next bite. I’m a bit of a grazer, which you might be able to tell by looking at my daily food posts, and I’d like to try to stick to little portions of things as much as possible. A bite is often enough for me!
  5. Don’t overdo it on things I could have any day. That theory helped me make a few good choices while I was in Williamsburg recently, and it just makes sense. Saving room for the really special things makes more sense than eating Dunkin Donuts or something else that I could have any old day.
  6. Be kind to myself. I can be very hard on myself when I know that I’m eating in a way that is contrary to the weight loss goals I’ve been so dedicated to for the past few years. I’m hoping that, by writing all of these thoughts down, I’ll make peace with it a bit. I know that the scale will gravitate upwards for a little while after I get home, but, past experience has told me that it will go back down once I get back on track. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, and I should just enjoy my time with friends, new sites, and fun experiences. I know that a fear of gaining back 180 pounds is largely what drives my negative thoughts, but I’m also smart enough to know that a week of eating “off-track” isn’t going to result in a 180 pound gain. I just need to have a good perspective, a good attitude, and try to stick to a few of the goals I’ve set for myself. I know that focusing on the positive rather than the negative is usually a much better approach in any situation. 

Do you ever set goals like these for yourself when you go on vacation? 

With that, I will leave you with the extra little treat I had yesterday. Most of yesterday’s choices were of the healthy variety following the Friday “FAT,” but I did manage to sneak in a treat from the Farmer’s Market. There are always some vendors with lovely baked goods, but I typically don’t stop by their booths. In the spirit of vacation (and since I couldn’t buy produce that would go bad while I was gone), I bought this lovely, spicy, fruity and nutty Appalach Apple cookie from the folks at Quail Creek Farm:

Awesome Apple

I’m reminded of the words from the mirror on my car: “objects in mirror may be larger than they appear.” This cookie was big. I had some right away, and I saved the rest for after lunch. Yum!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you don’t think I’m silly for worrying so much about my upcoming vacation eating. Eating “off plan” is a genuine source of anxiety for me and something that I’m gradually getting better at dealing with. My main goal, above all– the goal to top all goals–  is to have fun!! Striking a balance is my constant challenge, and I’m sure it always will be. Good thing I like a challenge!

I hope to post again on the 19th or the 20th, and I can’t wait to show you some of the sites (and tastes) that I encountered on my trip. I’ll also tell you how I did with my vacation goals and attitude. I hope you will have lots of fun while I’m away. I will miss you all!! 🙂



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19 responses to “Packed (almost…) and Ready to Go!

  1. I’m jealous of your TangySweet! I wish there were places like that around here!!

    Haha PITA! I like! I think your goals are great! Have fun on your trip!!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful cruise!!! I think your goals sound great!!

  3. HAVE FUN!

    I say “PITA” too. And thanks for posting those tips…I always make a “game plan” when I go out or to a party or vacation…don’t always stick to it, though 🙂

  4. You have an awesome attitude for your vacation – I hope it is a great trip, can’t wait to see photos!

  5. i’m so jealous of your trip! alaska, oooommmmmgggg, you will have an amazing time. sounds like you’ve got a great food approach worked out, and you’re ready to be flexible with it when necessary. have fun!!

  6. Bon Voyage and I know you will do great….

  7. Our usual Mexican join used to have that wonderful coin in the cream sauce and I LOVED it! Then, poof! it was gone, and now I’m so sad.

  8. EnglishGarden

    Blessings on your journey

    Excited about tasting your new frozen delight next time I am in D.C.

  9. I love this post. I know how you are feeling. I have no idea what I will eat when I am in France, but it is not like I am a different person just because I am in a different country. I am sure both you and I will make healthy choices!!

  10. Have a wonderful time!!
    I actually don’t set goals, I just kind of go with the flow. =D

  11. Love love love Rosa Mexicano, we head over there anytime we go to the Verizon Center! The food looks amazing, I need to make another trip!

    I make goals, plans for myself when I go on vacations too. Some how, it helps to make me feel less anxious about all of the things I wont have control over while I am away.

    Have an awesome trip, and cant wait to see pictures when you get back!

  12. nice vacation tips/goals!

    froyo looks amazing!

  13. Stephanie

    Have fun in Alaska! We’ll be getting married there in 13 days! I can’t wait to see your pics. You can see ours here: Have a safe trip!

  14. Souds like you are all ready for an amazing trip! I like your approach to eating while on vacation: balanced but still fun. When I honeymooned in Hawaii I tried to do that and worked out but still enjoyed dessert and treats every day. It worked and I felt great!
    That Mexican dinner just looks to die for.
    Have a SAFE and FUN trip!

  15. debby

    Bon Voyage! I have just started reading your blog and really enjoy it. I will miss you when you are gone, but will really enjoy hearing about your trip when you get back. That is a trip I would like to take someday.

    We have a yogurt place just like the one you described. Ours is called Yogelina, and I am addicted to it–in a good way! I think part of the appeal is that it is something that seems luxurious, but is actually good for you! And that mexican food looked amazing. Its good to notice stuff like the chips left in the basket. Otherwise, we can start to think that everything is just going back to the way it always was.

    And I liked your list of thoughts about eating on the cruise. I think it is almost exactly what I would write for myself if I were taking a vacation like that!

  16. Have a lovely trip! Enjoy it!! Have a lot of fun exploring!!

  17. Have a fantastic trip in Alaska and take lots and lots of photos! I can’t wait to hear all the adventures you will, no doubt, have! I’ve been a little out of the loop lately on your blog… busy, busy..:) Have fun!

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