Return to Normalcy… and Berries!!

Square MealGood evening, friends! I want to thank you for the comments on yesterday’s post. It’s always nice to be reassured that I’m human, and that everyone has overly eatful days. I’m just trying to find a good balance, and days like yesterday totally throw me for a loop! Hearing the ways that y’all react to bottomless pit days really made me feel better. Hugs to you all!!Β 

Today was back to normal, as I’d hoped. Thank goodness! I started off with a big bowl of five grain cereal, oat bran, smashed banana, vanilla almonds and honey. I’ve been having bananas in my breakfast bowl all week because I’ve been trying to eat things I have on hand rather than restock the fridge in preparation for vacation. As you will see in a second, I caved today. I had bananas in the freezer so it’s been bananas every morning. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to a morning favorite…

I was definitely back in my nut butter groove today after eating less than usual over the last couple of days. I had a little pink lady with some mighty maple as a mid-morning snack:

Snick SnackNut butter is just SO satisfying! There was an interesting bit in the Post about nut butter (and how awesome it is!!) If you are interested, you can check it out here.

For lunch, I had not one– but TWO cabbage nests topped with the rest of the goat cheese from the fridge, some scallions, some chopped up pieces of chicken breast that I tossed on the griddler this morning and a little Country Bob’s sauce. Barbecued chicken cabbage nest pizzas? Cleaning out the fridge is underrated!!

Cabbage Nest LunchingI followed that up with a piece of Chocolate Banana Snack Cake from the bag of baked goods in the freezer. I put a little layer of mighty maple in the middle. PB hit #2 of the day.

Chockie PB LoveRather than just feed on one sweet snack after the other, I decided to try to have a savory snack. I think the sugar monster was a bit out of control yesterday, and I think that might have been part of the issue. I popped a 100 calorie bag of popcorn and topped it with some Kernel Seasons ranch seasoning. I’d seen Kernel Seasons products on-line, and I was shocked when I found some hiding on a bottom shelf at my Safeway. I got several flavors, but I hadn’t actually tried any of them until today. I’m sure that greasier buttery popcorn would do a better job of holding on to the seasoning, but it worked just fine and added a little bit of extra flavah. I approve of Kernel Seasons. Sah-loot! I’m going to have to try this on a baked potato. I have a feeling it’ll be goooood!

The KernelWhile snacking on my popcorn and working on the long draft that occupied much of my day, I heard something. I had to investigate. There’s a fountain down below my balcony, and, as much as I love it, it’s kind of loud– even up here on the 12th floor! Today was the day to turn it on, and the results were interesting. Apparently, it could have used some preliminary cleaning. I’m no fountain expert. I’m just sayin’…

Not So PrettyYuck! I can envision the Addam’s Family with a black fountain, but it isn’t such a great look for my building. I hope it looks better tomorrow. Ewww.

I Β made some iced tea this afternoon that was a much nicer color than the fountain water. This loose melon tea makes great iced tea, and today, in a stroke of sudden inspiration, I figured how to satisfy my love of sweet tea by adding a bit of sugar free French vanilla Torani syrup to this glass. It was so good with the melon flavor. I don’t know why I never thought of it before!!! πŸ™‚ Oh, and speaking of French… in case you haven’t noticed based on various pictures in numerous posts, I’m a sucker for cheesy things with French words on them. What can I say? Ooh la la!

TealiciousIf you love tea as much as I do, you should definitely check out this awesome tea giveaway hosted by the Hungry Yogini! Actually, don’t check it out. I want to win!!!

When it came time for another snack, I decided to have a container of my favorite pre-flavored yogurt, the awesome Wallaby Dulce de Leche. On the side, in keeping with my attempts to impose a bit of restraint on the sugar monster, I picked one of the lesser sweet cereals in the pantry– Quaker Essentials Crunchy Corn Bran. A serving of this cereal is huge, and it kept me crunching for a long time. I also think that, since the yogurt is so sweet, the less sweet cereal makes a great pairing. People get jobs doing wine pairings. Do you think I have a future in yogurt/crunch pairing?Β 

Wonderful WallabyI needed a bit of nut butter, so I followed that a bit later with a few little wafers topped with PB #3 of the day. This was Mighty Maple again. Love it!

PB NibblesAfter I logged out of work for the day, I decided to combine a quick run with a trip to Whole Foods. I couldn’t stand the lack of fresh things anymore, and I wanted to buy a few things that would last in the pantry and be ready for me when I return from vacation. Before I headed out, I had this bowl– one of my faves!! Milk chocolate Ghirardelli chips and Galaxy Granola Vanilla Almond Munch. I lurve it!! I figured a few carbs would make for good fuel. πŸ˜‰

AwesomenessI was planning to do about 20 minutes of running, but it started raining around minute 10. At minute 15, I decided to go ahead and duck into Whole Foods to do my shopping in hopes the rain would stop for my walk home. I went to the gym tonight to finish up my workout as planned anyway, so I just tacked on five more minutes. No biggie! It was nice to run outside a bit, and it was great to just break up the monotony. I didn’t get to kickbox today because something came up around lunchtime that needed my attention. I’m usually able to go to class on my “work at home” days, so I can’t complain too much about missing on occasion. I think I might try to go to the Saturday class. We’ll see.

I picked up some almond breeze, frozen fruit, a new huge container of Jay Robb goodness, oat bran (I was almost out… eek!), some yogurt and egg beaters with June expiration dates, and a few other things that will last just fine in the fridge and be here for me when I get back. I hate coming home from vacation to an empty fridge! I’m usually ready to eat super healthy, after some vacation eating, and I hate when I don’t have good things at my fingertips! I also got some fresh berries, spinach, cucumbers and hummus because I was going crazy without them. I don’t think it will be hard to eat them all up before I leave on Monday morning. I don’t mind that challenge at all!

After I put the groceries away, I had a lovely plate of cold foods along with more iced tea. It was like a picnic! I had some more of the chicken I grilled this morning, some Springtime Market Potato Salad (loving it, by the way…), some fresh cucumber, and my favorite Whole Foods hummus— caramelized onion. This may sound like a bad thing, depending on your taste, but it reminds me of the Lipton onion soup mix and sour cream dip that we used to have a few times a year. I always loved it, and that’s why I’m such a fan of this hummus. Good memories… and good eats!

Blue Plate SpecialI followed that up with some Vanilla Snowflake LaLoo’s goat’s milk ice cream and some strawberries. Oh, how I’ve missed my berries this week. Seriously!! I need that hit of red. I tossed in a few little vanilla wafers too. Yum!Β 

LaLoo- hoooooooo!After that lovely bowl, I went to the gym to finish my workout. Then, I decided it was time for more of my berry loves. It was time for more chocolate chips too. This bowl is like deconstructed chocolate covered strawberries. There’s no way to go wrong with that!! It was yummy, and it really hit the spot.Β 
BerryliciousNow, I need to hustle off to bed if I’m going to tuck myself in by 11:30 I have a lot to do this weekend (including packing for my trip!!!), and I’m hoping that tomorrow flies by! I’ve already mixed up a breakfast cookie to have in the morning, and I’m looking forward to that too. I’ll have sweet dreams knowing it’s waiting in the fridge!Β 

Since everybody loves a Friday, I’m wishing you a speedy day and a great weekend too!! Ciao for now, bloggies. πŸ™‚



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22 responses to “Return to Normalcy… and Berries!!

  1. Erin

    See? Everything balances out!
    yay for yummy produce. I hate being out. I get lost and sad, haha!

  2. Love all your yummy food today…that iced tea looks fantastic!

  3. Can I just follow you around for 1 day? Your food looks so good. Those cabbage nests look great and I don’t even like cabbage.

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation but I will miss your posts. Hope you share some pics with us when you get back. πŸ™‚

  4. PS I got totally sidetracked for a while trying to read your book titles. I’m a bibliophile with books stashed everywhere around the house. πŸ™‚

  5. statusquoman

    I, too, love your stash of books! Your photography in general is really excellent — brings new elegance to the concept of the food blog. I especially loved the iced tea photo.

    I wonder how you approach your consumption of nut butters. Lately, I’ve taken the can’t-have-peanut-butter-in-the-house approach because it will call to me, and I can’t seem to ration appropriately, but you seem to parcel it out throughout the day. Since you seem to be as big a nut butter fan as I am, I’d love some insight into how you manage this!

    • Hi, SQ! Thanks for stopping by, and for your very nice comments! πŸ™‚ I seem to take my photos in the same three spots in my apartment, and I thought the bookshelf might add a little variety. I have stacks and stacks just waiting to be read… yet I continue to buy more. Ha!

      As for your nut butter question, I’m a meticulous measurer. At work, I use measuring spoons to dole out bits from the jar in my desk drawer. At home, I use my food scale. I don’t really have a daily nut butter limit, but I do try to keep track. I know myself, and I know the damage I can do with a spoon if I don’t pay close attention! The extra step of measuring is worth it, since it lets me enjoy one of my favorite things with no worries!

      • statusquoman

        Hmm, that’s a great idea, adding the extra step to make it “official” in a way. I guess I just worry that I’d use the measuring spoon as a regular spoon after a while! Self-control is not my strong suit, especially with anything nutty and buttery.

        I might try out your system — but maybe only buy a small container of nut butter, just to start out. Just in case. πŸ™‚

        Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. connie b

    I love that seasoning! What a great idea to try on a potato!

  7. I am jealous that you have Whole Foods within running/walking distance. Mine is 40 minutes away 😦

  8. I love the popcorn seasonings. If you spray your popcorn with a shot of Pam Spray (I use the TJ’s EVOO Cooking Spray) the seasoning sticks a lot better, especially to the low fat popcorn!

    Yum! Strawberries and chocolate chips!

    The sun is out!! Wooo Hoo!!

  9. AmyJoGo

    I agree with Scale Warfare…it does help to spray your corn with Pam. And I L.O.V.E. those little seasonings. My coworker and I keep them in our desks and usually borrow the other flavor from each other. Variety! Yum!

  10. MMMMM….the food looks so lovely!! Yum! Have a great weekend too!

  11. homegirlcaneat

    K I am LOVIN’ your blog and LOVIN’ that nut butter article! You have such good looking eats!! Have an amazing Friday πŸ™‚

  12. sarahdbelle

    Such yummy meals- especially the berries! Beautiful and delicious.
    Have a lovely day!

  13. I love how you balance fruits and veggies so well and make them look tasty. I, being from Texas, tend to think everything should be fried or doused in gravy…yes, there’s fruit gravy.

  14. a “normal” food day always feels so good after a bottomless day! your food all day long has been wholesome, delicious, and beautiful. (and i’m glad you didn’t waste too much time worrying about the bottomlessness … it happened, you reflected on it, and it will probably happen again sometime, too! so keep enjoying all your bites :D)

  15. Just curious…are you planning to enter any running races this year?

  16. I am going to look out for wallaby yogurt!

  17. I love all your eats, the potato salad looks simply awesome

  18. I always struggle to get back on track after a day of over-doing it, but you did so well! All of your food today looks balanced AND satisfying.

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