Giveaway Winner and a Random Bit of Fun!!

Sweetie Pie's Prize PackHello to you and hooray for the weekend! This is just a quick post to announce the winner of Sweetie Pie’s Prize Pack in my 100th Post Giveaway! I thought I’d better do it now, just in case my derby festivities run a bit late. 🙂

I made a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s first, second and (in some cases–third entries), and then used the number generator at to select a winner. The winner, with the following comment is:


that restaurant looks so cool. I love all the little cakes on the sampler – how fun! And the salad you got sounded really good.

I like your idea for the pasta, too. I wish I had more so I could try it with asparagus!

Oh…I have been wanting to try that spread and the chocolate bar ever since I saw them on here :)

I’ll post a link tonight and you’re on my blogroll!

Happy, happy 100th post!!! :)


Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some new bloggie friends through the giveaway. Please, keep commenting!! I love to know that you are out there reading, and I love all of the great ideas you have to share! 🙂 Brandi, if you will e-mail me your address (, I will get your box of goodies in the mail to you. 

By the way, if you haven’t checked out Brandi’s blog, you definitely should!! It’s one that I really enjoy!

I feel like I’ve been doing little commercials for my giveaway all week long, so, I thought it would be appropriate to share one of my favorite commercials with you. I know this is totally random, but I like a random laugh any day. Have you seen the Key West Six Toed Cat Cam commercial? If not, here’s your chance… and your consolation prize!! 🙂 This commercial cracks me up everytime I see it. What a cooperative kitty. My parents’ cat would willingly wear the cat cam for about negative one second!

I’m off to eat brownies, sip a julep and watch the horsies. I got some great stuff at the farmer’s market this morning, and I’ll be telling you about it in my next post. Enjoy your Saturday!!



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6 responses to “Giveaway Winner and a Random Bit of Fun!!

  1. Congrats to the winner and congrats to you, again, for the 100th!!

  2. I totally missed the Farmers Market this morning 😦 I forgot about an eye drs appt (FYI-If you ever get Lasik, you are at the eye drs ALL OF THE TIME!)

    Youre blog is awesome, keep up the good work!!!

  3. Brandi

    have so much with your festivities!!!

    yay, I am so excited to try all of this stuff!! I’ll email you tonight 🙂

    I hope you’re having a good weekend!

  4. Congrats to Brandi, the lucky duck!!

  5. Congratulations to the winner but I really wanted that peanut butter and kettle corn. I need to see if I can find some.

    I have a little something for you on my blog. 🙂

  6. Those brownies look amazing! I hope you enjoyed Derby day. Such a surprising win, huh?

    P.S. – I left a little something on my blog for you.

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