Wednesday Reruns and a Giveaway Reminder!

Hi!! I hope everyone had a nice day! There was no sunny lunch picnic in the cards for me today, but there was an umbrella. A chilly rain has been falling all day, and when it’s raining out, all I want to do is nap! How about you? Despite the weather, I had a pretty productive day. Thank goodness! I’m trying to get things wrapped up at work since I’m leaving for Alaska on the Monday after next. I’m hoping to tie up as many loose ends as I can before I go. I can’t wait to be on vacation!

I had several food reruns today, but I think that’s a good thing. I love a warm breakfast on a rainy day. I started out with a bowl that looks almost exactly like yesterday’s breakfast:

Another Bananabrannerriffic Bowl25 grams of oat bran

15 grams of wheat bran (the rest of my little bag… I need to buy some more from the bulk bin…)

10 grams of Jay Robb’s vanilla whey protein powder

1 cup of water

1 1/2 Tbsp of sugar free Smucker’s syrup

1 banana



more cinnamon

I decided to add some ginger and a ton of cinnamon to the bowl this morning, and it’s amazing what a difference it made. It really spiced things up! This bowl was quick and simple, and got me off to a warm start on this chilly morning. Along with my bowl of bran, I had a cup of coffee using some of the beans I bought at my favorite coffee place in Williamsburg the other weekend. As you can see, I stocked up on the beans!

Beans!Since I get them whole, rather than ground, the beans tend to stay fresh for awhile. That’s good. It will definitely take a while for me to make my way through five pounds. I do love the Coffeehouse! I had skim milk with my coconut coffee, and it was soooo yummy!

Just like yesterday, my breakfast wasn’t quite as hefty as it is some days (no PB today for one thing…), and I was ready for a pink lady with some Bee’s Knees PB around 11:00. I think I kind of like having a morning snack. I might start going a little lighter on my breakfast and factoring in an 11:00 nibble. It’s a thought, anyway. Do you eat a morning snack, or do depend on your breakfast to hold you until lunch?

Look Familiar??Speaking of lunch, I had a leftover turkey burger from the batch I made last night and some chipotle cheddar cheese on an Arnold’s thin. I think Arnold’s thins make awesome buns! I also had some Tribe chipotle hummus and a pile of orange pepper slices. Leftovers are your friend! This lunch was tasty, although my office smelled like a turkey burger for awhile. Who knew they were so fragrant?!

Lunchy LunchI also had a bowl of peach Chobani, some Fiber One for crunch, and another of my yummy little crunchie mini bars from the stash in my desk. I was full and happy!

Crunchie!When I got ready for a snack, I had another rerun from yesterday. I had the other half of my berry Fruit Newton Crisp pack with some more PB. I like this combo, and it is going to be a great way to use up the crisps. As I said, they are yummy, but they have no staying power.

Drool-worthy ReadingI decided to pose my snack on top of the book I’m currently reading. Yes, that is a post-it note from the middle of the pad. I was out of napkins and didn’t have time to go in search of one so I improvised! I finished reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao on Monday evening. After reading that, I decided I needed something a bit… lighter. I loved the movie, Chocolat, which featured one of my favorite actresses, Juliette Binoche. It also featured Johnny Depp. Yummy. Anyway, I thought I might like the book when I found it for a dollar at a used book sale not long ago. I started it yesterday, and I’m really enjoying it so far. If you like mouthwatering descriptions of chocolates and other candies, this is the book for you. I might have been drooling a bit while reading it on the metro today. 

My final snack of the day was another rerun:

Afternoon Oatmeal SnackI told you yesterday that I thought the afternoon oatmeal might be turning into a habit. I had another bowl today, and it held me over nicely until dinner. It also satisfied my afternoon sweet tooth while providing a bit of positive nutrition. I think that’s always a good balance to strike! I’m almost out of the pre-flavored pouches so this habit may get broken, whether I like it or not, if I don’t make a trip to the store. We’ll see what happens.

When I got home, I heated up another leftover turkey burger, and made a big salad:

Leftover SaladI topped some of my lettuce from the farmer’s market with a chopped up turkey burger, the rest of my chipotle cheddar, some scraps of gouda that were sitting in the fridge, a bit of Greek yogurt and a little bit of salsa. I also wanted a bit of baked potato so I microbaked one, chopped it into chunks and added half of it to the salad. It was a big potato, so I’ll have the other half tomorrow. This salad was tasty, and had lots of nice protein in it. It really hit the spot. Who says that leftovers have to be boring? I’m all about reinventing them whenever possible!

After that, I had a bowl of LaLoo’s vanilla snowflake topped with some chopped vanilla almonds and a few blackberries. I loved this combo, and I didn’t even miss my usual side of cake. Aren’t blackberries beautiful?

Lovely LaLoo'sAfter all of that, I had a little time for my food to digest before I went to kickboxing. My workout schedule has gotten a bit mixed up lately. For example, I won’t be working from home tomorrow, like I usually do, so tonight was my only opportunity for kickboxing this week. That’s ok. The Wednesday night class is a good one, and I definitely had a great workout! The only bad part is that my Thursday evening won’t be free since I can’t work out during lunch. 😦 I like to free up my evenings when possible, but those opportunities are rare during the week. You can usually find me in the gym at night, and that’s why my posts tend to be a bit on the late side. It actually kind of works out since I often get home from the gym around 9:15, and then I need some time to unwind from my workout. That’s the perfect time for me to write my evening post! 

Now, I’m feeling nicely “unwound”, and I need to get ready for bed. I’m probably going to have another little snack before I hit the sack, and then I suspect I’m going to sleep well. Kickboxing really is a good way to burn off excess energy, and that always helps me to sleep better. 

Before I go, I want to remind you again that you have until midnight on Friday evening to enter to win Sweetie Pie’s Prize Pack! I hope you will enter, and tell your friends to enter too. 🙂 I’m going to announce the winner on Saturday, and I can’t wait!! 

Have a great Thursday! The weekend is getting closer every second. Ciao for now, bloggies!! 🙂


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10 responses to “Wednesday Reruns and a Giveaway Reminder!

  1. An Alaskan vacation?! That sounds so “cool.” hubby keeps talking about taking an Alaskan cruise.

    Love your foods as usual but I am missing the cute snack drawings on the paper towels. 🙂

    Oh, re: the salad, gouda is my favorite cheese. Love it.

  2. AmyJoGo

    I love Chocolat! One of THE best movies ever. And I agree that Johnny Depp is yummy in that movie.

  3. All those different coffees look wonderful — I need to branch out and try more exotic flavours like coconut!

  4. I Loved Chocolat, and Johnny Depp – yum. That is one of my favorite movies. I didn’t even know there was a book! I need to read it now, I guess.

    Sometimes I pack a morning snack, but my breakfasts usually hold me till lunch time. Not always though!

  5. Fun coffee flavors!! Sometimes I have an AM snack, sometimes I don’t! It depends on a whole bunch of factors.

    Orange bell peppers are so good! Those Newton Crisps sound like a perfect PB vehicle! Yum 🙂 Have a great Thursday!!

  6. That’s the second time I’ve seen that flavor of hummus, I need to find some.

    Unless I’ve had breakfast really early, worked out in the morning, or had no protein at breakfast I usually don’t need a morning snack. Today however, I apparently really needed some chocolate.

    Speaking of chocolate, I found the Crunchie bars at World Market! I got one to try and it’s really good!

    • How funny, Spice! World Market is usually where I buy mine, although the convenience store below my apartment has some “exotic” chocolate choices including the full sized Crunchies. I was so surprised when I found them there.

      I LOVE World Market! It’s one of my favorite stores ever!! I’m glad you have one nearby too.

  7. I’m a grazer, so I usually have a snack between breakfast and lunch. I eat at least 6 times a day! It all fits within my WW Points Range, so I figure it doesnt really matter when I’m eating, as long as it isnt in one huge meal.

    Have an awesome time in Alaska. I have family there and it is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!

  8. Hey you are coming my way!! Email me for my number in case anything happens. Right now the tunnel from Whittier is closed (landslide) so you will probably dock in Seward and come up by train. It is hot and sunny here mid 60s to low 70s woot! Hope I get to see you (or not cause then there is a problem?) You really inspire me.

  9. You’re going to Alaska – wow! Can’t wait to see your pics and read about the trip. It’s one of the places BJ and I hope to visit one day. Perhaps, you’ll have a flipper burger??

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