Happy Tax Day?

Good evening! I wasn’t in the best mood this evening, and I got a little carried away in the gym and stayed longer than planned. It’s so good for relieving stress, but not for early blogging! I love that working out burns calories, but somedays, stress relief seems like a better goal. I’ve been in kind of a bad mood all day, but now I’m feeling much better thanks to my time in the gym. 🙂

 My breakfast was a bright spot in my day:

Berry Good BrekkieI made the usual breakfast cookie with oats, Jay Robb’s vanilla whey powder, almond milk, peanut butter and cinnamon. That’s a good start, but the toppings really made this cookie. I’m still experimenting with PB2, and this morning’s cookie has a layer of chocolate PB2 mixed with jelly and 1/2 Tbsp. of cocoa powder. I added a little splash of water too because of the extra powder. I don’t think the chocolate PB2 is very chocolatey at all, but the cocoa powder fixed that problem. I thought it was good! Of course, I was happy to get my morning chocolate and strawberry fix.

Tea LatteliciousI had tea and almond milk on the side. I’m still drinking tea in the mornings, but I have a feeling you will be seeing coffee again after the weekend. I’m going to Williamsburg for my five year law school reunion, and I will be making a special trip to my favorite coffee place. It’s called The Coffeehouse, and they roast some of the best beans I’ve ever had. I always buy enough coffee to last quite a while when I happen to find myself in the ‘burg, and there will definitely be some roasted coconut flavored beans coming home with me. I can’t wait!

After I got to work, I had a grapefruit:

GrapefruitIf you are a grapefruit eater, how do you eat yours? I kind of pull each section apart and eat the guts from inside of the membrane. Do you eat yours with a spoon? Do you eat the membrane? I’m curious! It’s messy, but the flavor is so fresh and bright that I don’t mind it too much. I’m just wondering what the “best” way might be.

For lunch, I ate the rest of the pierogi/spinach/bruschetta sauce combo that I made for dinner the other night. I love the warm, cheesy potato goodness of the pierogies. YUM! Plus, I used something that had been in the freezer for awhile. YAY! I was glad to see that, based on the comments on the earlier post, I’m not the only one who is a fan of Mrs. T. I wonder if she knows Mr. T. If so, maybe she uses the line “I pity the fool who doesn’t like Pierogies.” I know, I know… that was bad. 🙂

Mrs. TFor dessert, I had another little cup of the Kozy Shack 100 calorie green tea chai pudding with a vanilla wafer crumbled on top. I like something crunchy with my pudding or my yogurt. One little wafer did the trick.

Puddin'Throughout the morning and afternoon, I snacked on a bit of Green & Black’s toffee milk chocolate. It’s amazing that I could be in a bad mood with that snack at hand. I think I’ve been eating this bar for three weeks now? I just need a little at a time, and I love chocolate bars that break into convenient little rectangles. 

Toffee TreatLater on, I had a chocolate brownie Z bar and some grapes. I also snacked on some “camera shy” (to use Beadie’s clever words) Zoe’s granola that I meant to have in my last snack. I was hungry so I munched on it ahead of schedule.

Snick Snack Paddy WhackMy last snack was a container of peach Chobani. I had been looking for Chobani for awhile, and I happened to find some at a different grocery store than usual this weekend so, of course, I stocked up on all of the flavors! I was excited to try it. I liked it, but I thought the peach was VERY sweet, and I didn’t like how much the peach goo really thinned out the yogurt. It was good, and I won’t mind eating the rest of my Chobani stash, but I think I may like adding my own sweeteners better. We’ll see. I’ll let you know when I try the next flavor in the fridge.

Peach ChobaniWhen I got home, I was SO hungry! I ate a small bowl of Campbell’s Select Harvest Light Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup while I was cooking my chicken. I believe in keeping cans of soup on hand for hungermergencies!!

SouperliciousI thawed a chicken breast in the fridge today, and planned to cook it on the griddler. I hadn’t planned to cut it into strips, but it occurred to me that it was going to get all chopped up and used to top a salad anyway, so I might as well speed the cooking process up a bit. I cut it into tenders, and it grilled up in a flash! I never seem to eat a whole chicken breast at once either, so this really makes a lot of sense.

On the GriddlerI had the chicken with some of my succotash and the last of my fresh farmer’s market lettuce. It was good! I’m going to be out of town this weekend so I’ll miss the farmer’s market. 😦 I’m going to miss having such nice lettuce this week! It really elevated my salads to another level.

SaladAfter that, I finished off my container of Edy’s Slow Churned Light Cookies and Cream ice cream. YAY!! That made a noticeable space in the freezer. Woo hoo! Now… I can buy more ice cream. You can be sure that it’s on the shopping list!

There were no survivorsAfter that, I had a piece of Nature’s Own Light Honey Wheat bread with a bit of Mighty Maple. I also had a camera shy Chex mix turtle bar. I had a pretty snacky evening.

Bread 'n ButtahI’m struggling with my mindset a bit this week. I did ok on Sunday as far as eating goes. I didn’t go overboard, but I enjoyed myself. I didn’t make it to the gym, and I think I’ve felt the need to compensate for my missed day all week long. I also know that I’m going to be eating goodness knows what this weekend, and I may miss another workout day too. All of that leaves me feeling a bit more stressed about the food/exercise balance than I would like. I’m trying to relax and not worry, but I’ll admit that I’m thinking about it a lot. Going “pointless” hasn’t been too hard so far, but that’s because I’ve basically been able to stick to my calorie counting and workout plans. I guess this week is a good challenge. I’ve always liked a good challenge, so, hopefully, I’ll learn something this week. You can bet that I’ll be telling you about it. 

For now, I’m going to focus on my awake/asleep balance. I hope you have a great Thursday, and I hope you survived tax day!! I’ve included info about a couple of cool giveaways, so be sure to check them out. Ciao for now, bloggadoos!

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13 responses to “Happy Tax Day?

  1. I had Mrs. T’s perogies for lunch today b/c you’d put me in the mood! 😛

    I eat my grapefruit by cutting in half, and then w/ a grapefruit knife, I separate out each section from the membrane. Then, I sprinkle a little sugar over the top and eat w/ a spoon! I’ve eaten it this way always, but tried a plain, peeled slice once and it was too much!

  2. Wow, everything looks sooo good!
    I eat my grapefruit like I eat oranges. LOL

  3. As usual, your food looks so totally awesome and healthy. I need to try that chocolate. I saw it at the market and was so close to getting some. maybe next time.

    You try a variety of bars. What is your favorite “low point” bar? I’m pretty new to the bars (protein bars, that is) but would like to have some for those long hikes and camping trips.

  4. Can’t beat the endorphins!! Perogies are the carboholics dream come true – I haven’t had them in so long but they are WONDERFUL!

  5. Kelly- Thanks for the link! I’m actually hoping to go running on Saturday morning, and the route I’m planning to take will go right through the middle of the farmer’s market. What could be easier! I’m just going to be without refrigeration so I’ll have to keep that in mind if I decide to make any purchases. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend, and I can’t wait!! 🙂

  6. I love Williamsburg! it’s so beautiful there.

    Glad you were able to work out some stress – sometimes that is the best thing about sweating 🙂

  7. i agree that the breakfast cookie is a bright spot!! YUM

    sorry to hear about the stress, but i’m glad the gym is serving as a good outlet!

  8. I think we all struggle with the workout/ eat balance. But I try to look at it this way: Just as there’s always another cookie, there’s another day to go to the gym!

  9. Have you tried vanilla-flavored Chobani? It is scrumptious! It is just sweet enough! (As I wrote that I realized I was unintentionally quoting your blog name!) But really–it has just the right amount of sweetness and it is perfect with a little cereal or fruit mixed in.

  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Loving all your yummy eats…I need to try this green tea pudding! I was eating green tea yogurt but it was loaded with artificial sweeteners so I gave it up.

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  12. I like candy. I wish I ate more of it.

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