Chocolate Banana Snack Cake and A Lovely Day of Eats

Hi! Sorry to be posting so late, but I just got home. If you are reading this on Friday morning: TGIF! If you are up late on Thursday, happy almost TGIF! I had a couple of birthday gatherings to attend this evening, so I’m up a little past my bedtime. Even so, I wanted to give you the scoop on my grub for the day as well as a new and tasty recipe that I made. First things first, here’s a re-run for you:

"Tropical Pineapple Right Side Up Breakfast Cookie"I have enough pineapple for one more “Tropical Pineapple Right Side Up Breakfast Cookie.” I’ll be having it a few hours from now, and I’m looking forward to it already. I’m a little bit hungry, but hopefully I will make it until then! I had this morning’s cookie along with a cup of blueberry tea mixed with skim milk and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze. I’m loving this breakfast SO much! 

Today was a work from home day, and I usually go to noontime kickboxing when I’m working at home. Since I’ve been a bit more sore than usual this week, I decided to just do a more laid back cardio workout in the gym this evening. I still scorched about 600 calories, but I think my muscles were probably glad not to be subjected to a kickboxing workout today. I usually have a pre-kickboxing snack, and I decided to uphold the tradition– despite the lack of actual kickboxing. 🙂 I snacked on a Sunshiny Blueberry Muffin from the freezer. Remember those? I did, once I found a couple in the freezer. It was still perfect once I gave it a very quick zap in the micro. I guess I can add “freezes well” to their list of attributes. 

Sunshiny Blueberry MuffinI love these little muffins, and can’t wait until I have some bona fide Virginia berries from the farmer’s market to use in them. YUM! Eventually, lunchtime rolled around. My lunch looks very similar to last night’s dinner with two exceptions: skewer #1 and skewer #2.

I wanted to reheat my fries, and I was hoping to make them crispy. What’s a girl with no toaster oven to do? Well, make French fry kabobs in the pop up toaster! What else?!  Seriously!

Toaster Fries


Lunchy LunchI’m glad I thought of this, although I was a bit skeptical of the idea at first. I envisioned having potato bits trapped in my toaster forever or pulling flaming skewers from the toaster with my tongs in a blaze of glory, but it worked just fine. My fries crisped up, and I didn’t set anything on fire. Perfect! Plus, I got to eat my fries on a stick. 🙂 There should be more foods on sticks! The leftover burger from last night was great along with some leftover steamed veggies and Country Bob’s sauce. I do love my leftovers! 

Milk and CookiesFor dessert number one, I had a Brent & Sam’s Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie with some almond breeze on the side. I like to buy these cookies from time to time because they come individually wrapped. That’s perfect for me since it could take me months to eat a package of cookies! After that, I was still craving a little something.

PB WafersI had two vanilla wafers with a smear of Mighty Maple PB. I just had three more, although you won’t see any photos of my late night snack. Sorry. 😦 Dessert number two was followed up sometime later by my afternoon snacks. I had a bowl of Greek yogurt from the Blue Ridge Dairy folks topped with some Bees ‘n Blossoms pomegranate honey jelly and some Zoe’s cinnamon raisin granola. I love how the jelly looks like a jewel sitting on top. This bowl was yummy and satisfying. I should mention that the bowl itself is one of my favorites. It’s jadeite, and it spent years holding bacon grease in my grandmother’s kitchen. It’s contents have changed somewhat, but the beautiful color is just the same. 

Awesome in a bowlI also had a Pink Lady apple with some cashew butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon before I went to the gym. The apple was so crisp, and that’s just the way I like them. I hate mealy apples! Red delicious apples are NOT delicious, in my opinion.

One Nutty LadyBefore I hopped into the shower after my time in the gym, I mixed up a quick snack cake recipe that I found on the Cooking Light website. I was, once again, trying to use up some of the frozen bananas in my freezer jungle, and this cake looked too easy and good to pass up. I’ll give you the link if you want to check it out: LINK. I, of course, tweaked my version based on what I had on hand, and my desire to knock the calories back a tiny bit. Here were my changes to the recipe I linked to above:

Chocolate Banana Snack Cake

  • I used 3/4 cup of sugar instead of 1 cup. I thought it was sweet enough, and the chocolate really rocked!
  • I used 3/4 cup of all purpose flour and 1/4 cup of teff flour.
  • I only had a little cup of Mott’s unsweetened pomegranate plus applesauce, and that worked just fine for the applesauce requirement.
  • I used instant espresso powder since that’s the only “instant coffee” in my cupboard.
  • I did not bake it on parchment paper, but rather in a 9×9 glass baking dish coated in cooking spray.
  • I cut mine into 12 instead of 16 because… I like bigger pieces. 🙂

I’m sure that it would be fabulous if you just followed the recipe, but I thought I’d mention my little changes just in case you were curious. I can also think of about a zillion add ins that would be amazing! Peanut butter chips are at the top of that list! I do love Cooking Light, and I like that they provide the nutritional information for all of their recipes. When you start tweaking, you have to do some recalculating on your own, but it does provide you with a nice general idea, which I find to be very helpful.

Mmm.... Cake...This cake is similar to a cakey brownie. I like that the edges crisped up. I put mine in a bowl so that I could add…

The Perfect Pair… a bit of ice cream on the side, of course! Instead of having my fake cake this evening, I had the real deal. It was goooood! I have to recommend this recipe! I wrapped some pieces up and put them into the freezer. If I made them to clean out the freezer, but then put them back in, is this progress? Methinks the answer is yes. I’d rather find a bag of this chocolate banana cake in the freezer than a bag of gooey bananas any day. 

Oh gosh! I just remembered that I totally forgot to tell you about dinner. I was too excited about dessert! No surprise there, right? My dinner was quick since I had parties to attend. I heated up a container of Boca chili (one more thing out of the freezer), with a corn vita top (another thing out of the frozen jungle) and a piece of light string cheese. Quick and easy– which was perfect since I was in a bit of a hurry. I really did eat this before I had my cake and ice cream. Really. I did. 🙂

Quick Din DinNow, I need to mix up my breakfast cookie, finish putting clean sheets on my bed, and then put myself to bed! Is it just me, or are clean sheets THE BEST?!

If you had to choose between “milk and cookies” or “cake and ice cream,” which would you pick? I’d have a hard time, but I think I’d probably have to go with cake and ice cream. Especially if the cake had frosting on it. Mmm… frosting!

Before I go:

Karen at To Be The Whole Package is hosting an Honest Foods giveaway that I would love to win, but you should enter it too. 🙂

Kelly at Happy Texans is having an awesome bagel giveaway, but you only have until tomorrow to enter so hurry!

There is a Barney Butter giveaway going on at Meloncauliflower’s site. Check out her recent Barney Butter fiasco. This post cracked me up. If you travel and are a foodie, you can likely relate!

Ciao for now, bloggies!


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17 responses to “Chocolate Banana Snack Cake and A Lovely Day of Eats

  1. I need to do that delicious pineapple breakfast. It looks so good. But your food always looks so good!

    And that cake! Oh my.

    I totally cracked up about your fries in the toaster. LOL too funny.

    I did my drawing for the giveaway tonight. It’s almost Friday morning here. 🙂

    Looking forward to more of your yummy meals tomorrow. I always leave your blog hungry though. Hmmmm..
    Oh and I am going to go to Whole Foods to find some more Greek yogurt. Love it!

  2. I’m looking for breakfast cookie instructions on your blog. Am I missing it?

  3. Kelly- The breakfast cookie info can be found on Fitnessista’s site here:

    They are SO good! She’s a genius. 🙂

  4. brazenbites

    Fries in a toaster- you are VERY brave. But it looks like there was a happy ending…even a delicious one! I’m going to check out your breakfast cookie link next…

  5. I love fresh sheets! Especially when you put them on warm, just before you crawl in bed. Mmm they’re nice and crisp and yummy – now you’re gonna make me need to do a load of laundry! hehe

    I’d pick cake and ice cream. I only like fresh baked cookies, and I have strong anti-milk feelings. 😛

  6. maggieapril

    That cake looks awesome. I can’t make baked goods at home because for me your cake would have been two servings, not 12. Sad but true.

  7. Erin

    So much good stuff! Your fry idea was genius…I probably would have burned something down, so glad it worked.
    That muffin is beautiful, as is the cake.
    And can I just say wow to all the calories you torched in the gym! That’s incredible.
    Oh, and as to your question, I want cookies and ice cream…i’m difficult 🙂

  8. Good changes to the recipe!
    And mmmmm those fries are awesome. I’m scared to try something like that though… I’m hazardous. LOL

  9. i can’t choose! i will always have a little (aka a lot) of each 🙂

    that cake is taaaaaasty looking. and you’re so clever with the fry kabobs!! brilliant idea 🙂

  10. Kate

    Ohhhh now see that is not a fair question b/c I would be very specific. I would only choose milk and cookies if it was some sort of oatmeal cookie. Then again I would only choose cake and ice cream if the cake was really more just little cake w/a huge glob of frosting! just saying…..

    Your comment made me laugh! I tend to actually hold frozen summer treats in front of my car heater to get them to the right melted consistency!

  11. Yum, that blueberry muffin looks so good.

    If I had to pick, def cake and ice cream. Preferably carrot cake with just a little french vanilla ice cream.

  12. holy moly i am convinced you eat some of the best food 😀
    love it all – especially that muffin

  13. Toaster fries? Brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing the link to the breakfast cookie. Speaking of cookies… I’d pick cookies and ice cream. And make my own ice cream sandwiches.

    I would LOVE to go into business organizing people’s spaces (especially kitchens and home offices) or arranging work environments. If I could figure out how to create a financially stable job with benefits doing that, I’d be all over it and you could be my 1st client. My HGTV addiction is tied with my FoodTV addiction (and dreaming). 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  14. omg, can I first say what a genius you are for that toaster french fry kebab idea? wow! I never would have thought of that!
    I’m definitely more of a cookie and milk person. I actually dislike cakes, because I find them way too sweet, and I like to eat things with a crunch.

  15. Haha I love your improve with the fries! What’s on your mug in your breakfast picture? I think I know what it is – the Duomo in Milan?

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