Out of the Frozen Jungle…

We’ve nearly made it to Friday, and, as always, I’m so glad! The weather is supposed to be warm this weekend, and I can’t wait to get out in it!! Today was gloomy and rainy, and I was happy to be working from home. I started off in the exact same way I have every day this week– with this bowl:

Oat BranI had oat bran with banana, Jay Robb’s vanilla whey protein powder, maple syrup, berries and Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. I’m loving this bowl! I also had the last of my cherry tea with some milk and Torani. I’ve now finished one big canister of tea. I only have five to go…

I went to kickboxing today, and I had my usual pre-workout bowl of Greek yogurt. I’m so enamored with this combination!

Bliss in a Bowl!I love the mix of Fage with dalmatian fig and orange spread topped with chopped up vanilla roasted almonds. Oh my goodness. This is really one of my favorite things. I’ve also decided that it smells vaguely of cake. Weird? I’m down to the last of my fig and orange spread and I’m going to have to pick up some more ASAP!

The usual kickboxing instructor was out today, and the workout we got with her husband, the owner of the gym, was one of the toughest ever. To make matters even more challenging, there were only two of us in the class. I usually do my best to keep up, but I tried extra hard today. There was no place to hide! Needless to say, I was starving when I got home. I decided to have one of my favorite lunches. This could also be called “an ode to Trader Joe.”


I always keep some of Trader Joe’s frozen naan in the freezer in case I need an emergency pizza. I usually heat the naan in the oven for a couple of minutes, take it out, and then turn on the broiler. While the broiler is heating up, I top the naan with whatever sounds good. Today, I added some roasted vegetable tapenade, turkey pepperoni, and more of my awesome smoked mozzarella. I pop it under the broiler to melt the cheese, the edges of the naan crisp up and it’s just so good! I had it alongside a bowl of Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup. That is, hands down, my favorite non-homemade soup. The crispy edges of the naan are so perfect for dipping in the soup, and I always save a piece to wipe the bowl clean. I was a happy girl! I nibbled on a bit of chocolate after lunch and followed it up with a fudgy peanut butter vitatop:

Vita loveI never used to be a big chocolate fan, but here lately, I can’t get enough of the stuff! I started getting hungry about an hour before dinner time, and decided to dig into the depths of the freezer for one of myΒ Very Strawberry Almond Butter Bars.

Very Strawberry Almond Butter BarI individually wrapped and froze about half the batch back when I made them for the BSI contest, and I’ve been neglecting them. In a semi-frozen state, they kind of remind me of refrigerator cookie dough that comes in a tube. Yum!! That brings me to this:

AAARGH!!A glimpse into my freezer reveals a place that is low on space, lacking in organization and full of all sorts of things. I’ve decided that one of my goals for April is to do something about this mess! Why should I keep buying new food, when there are so many things in here just waiting to be put to use? I may not be making as many new recipes, but I know I will still be eating well. Project “Clean Out the Freezer” got off to a pretty good start today. In addition to the berry bar, the naan and some frozen banana that went into my oat bran, I ate the last two of my Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs.

Din DinI also had some leftover Spiced Zucchini with Bulgur and a few leftover roasted green beans from the dinner I made last night. After that, I decided to really endure some suffering by cleaning a couple of other items out of the freezer. Wow. It was soooo hard!

Cookie LoveA good friend at work gave me a couple of these very cute shortbread cookies back around Valentine’s Day. I ate one then, and saved the other for later. I was so happy to have it this evening. It was so buttery and good and you can never go wrong with sprinkles!! Thanks, BDK!! I had some Edy’s Slow Churned Cookies and Creme ice cream along with it. Man, this freezer clean-out is tough. πŸ™‚ After that, I finished off the evening with a little chocolate sampler:

Chocolate SamplerI got a little carried away in the chocolate section at Whole Foods the other day. That seems to happen now that I’ve changed my approach to eating. I parcel out my treats in a reasonable manner, but I certainly don’t skimp on variety. I was so amused by Berkshire Bark’s Pretzelogical bar, that I decided to try Midnight Harvest. It has some nuts and dried fruit in it, and it is quite good. I have to say, however, that the pretzelogical is still my absolute fave! I also wanted to try the dark chocolate Theo bar, and the Green & Black’s milk chocolate toffee bar. I realized that I don’t eat milk chocolate very often. It tasted so sweet to me! I think that having a little plate of chocolate like this one is a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth in the evening. Once I’ve fed the beast, I’ve noticed that I don’t snack nearly as much. There is much to be said for eating what you are really craving. It seems to be a better tactic in the long run.Β 

Sorry I’ve been a but lax about posting this week. Things have been busy, but good! I’ll try to do better. I promise! I also promise to keep you updated on the freezer progress. I’m a little bit scared about what might be hiding in there, but I guess there’s only one way to find out!Β 

Do you have an organized freezer with nice labels and orderly stacking… or does your freezer more closely resemble my frozen jungle? Sweetie Pie wants to know!

Speaking of busy, I need to take care of a few things so that I’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the morning. Before I go:

Check out this Zoe’s granola giveaway hosted by Lucky Tastebuds!

Congrats to Becca on making it through her first week at the CIA. She’s having a cool giveaway to celebrate. Check it out!

Have a great Friday!!! Ciao!


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19 responses to “Out of the Frozen Jungle…

  1. I’ve been trying to do the same thing with my freezer! It is finally clearing out and I feel really good about it. I can open the door now and everything doesn’t fall out πŸ™‚

  2. What a freezer!

    To be honest, my freezer is nearly bare, so I guess that means it’s organized. For some reason, we have very few frozen foods.

  3. AmyJoGo

    My freezer looks the same way.

    I have to ask: What are the yellow dots on your muffin top?

  4. I also was curious about the round yellow things…I thought it was egg yolk at first, but that can’t be right.

  5. The little dots are melted peanut butter chips. They are probably the main reason I eat the vita top… πŸ™‚

  6. Haahaha, my freezer is messy. Hard to find things, and when I pull on one thing, everything falls out. LOL.

    But mmm chocolate!!!

  7. We have a side-by-side, so there’s a lot of shelves and baskets that roll in and out. Those are an IMMENSE help, b/c I always let my old freezers (the on top kind, like yours) become endless pits.

    We also have a spare fridge in the basement, that is mainly used for drinks b/c we do a lot of entertaining. Sometimes I put the kitchen freezer’s overflow in that freezer, but ALWAYS forget until way way way later.

    All these blogs doing cleaning outs and Spring cleaning are making me start to have an itch to start it myself!

  8. I am in a constant battle with my boyfriend about the use of the freezer as he tends to fill it with fishfood!!! He is a avid fisherman and keeps horrible stinking and smelling stuff in there. He gets one drawer, but it sort of creeps upwards to fill much more space then he should…:)

  9. Where would one find that delicious-sounding orange fig spread?

    My freezer is usually mostly in a state of organization. I shove bags of frozen veggies and fruit in the small space under the shelf and I try to keep everything else in containers that stack neatly. My favorite food storage containers: Lock & Locks.


    They’re sold at Target, some grocery stores, QVC and home good stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.

    To be quite honest, I’m sometimes tempted to shove everything in it’s own Lock & Lock container. I hate searching for the right bag of frozen veg and then finding it’s freezer burnt.

    My favorite freezer tip for single gals, though is to freeze leftover fresh herbs, chopped bacon and tablespoon sized ice cubes of tomato paste or other items that are used in small quantities. I keep those in freezer bags or food storage containers in the door of my fridge, so I can quickly grab a scoop of herbs or bacon for whatever I’m making.

    • Tina- Great tips!! Your freezer sounds like a much more orderly place than mine for sure!

      I get my orange fig spread at Whole Foods, although I’ve also seen it in the cheese section at Safeway. I love it so much! I scraped the jar clean this morning. AAARGH!!!

  10. maggieapril

    After losing electricity for multiple days three times in two years (hurricanes) and throwing out tons of food, I tend to go easy on the perishables. I put some Rubbermaid shelves fin my freezer – they really help keep it organized.

  11. i need to make your strawberry almond bars.

    My freezer looks EXACTLY like yours – seriously πŸ™‚

  12. HAHA i love your freezer pic πŸ˜€ I feel like all the bloggers are so neat and organized, but mine totally looks like yours, with everything shoved and crammed! At least it’s all good stuff, those Tj’s meatballs are soo good, they are a staple in mine too!

  13. M

    We have a side by side frig/freezer that I try my bets to keep organized…….however, the extra in the garage…..”It’s a jungle in there!”
    Thanks for the tip on the orange fig spread. I’ll take a look around for it next time at Whole Foods.
    Your chocolate arrangement……drool! :):)

  14. Oh my gosh, all this food looks delicious!! That power snack before kickboxing sounds so tasty!! Orange spread?! I’ll have to try that!

    My dorm room freezer is so small that it can only fit about 2 or 3 microwavable dinners, so there is no room for neat or messy!

  15. My freezer definitely looks more like yours, although you do have way more food in yours than I have in mine.

    I’ve been feeling the same way lately, though. Why do I keep buying new food when I have lots of good, frozen food to eat?

    I think I’m going to join in on your Project Clean the Freezer.

  16. My freezer looks like a tornado went through it! In fact my dad said I took over the freezer yesterday – literally!

    I love that heart shaped cookie!!

  17. My freezer is somewhere in the middle of your 2 options. Yours cracks me up tho! Stop buying frozen stuff girlfriend! You’ve got enough there to last you 3 months!


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