Pretzelogically Delicious and My Opinions on Some New Eats

BrekkiePretzelogically speaking, I’ve had a great day!! Why? I ate the rest of my Berkshire Bark’s Pretzelogical bar as my end of the day treat. I’m getting ahead of myself by skipping to dinner dessert, but that’s appropriate since I started looking forward to it while I was making my yummy oat breakfast right beside the rest of the bar! This morning’s bowl had regular oats, half a banana, a few strawberries, some brown sugar that had gotten a bit dried out, 1/3 a packet of Jay Robb’s strawberry whey powder and a few vanilla bean almonds. It was good and held me over until lunch and then some!

Jay Robb looks so friendly on the package, but sort of intimidating too. Do you think he would be fun to hang out with? I guess it’s hard to tell just from the picture. I’m a fan of his whey powders, that’s for sure. Today was my first time to try the strawberry, and I thought it was good. It had a nice berry smell, but not really a strong berry taste. It mixed in well with the other things in my bowl and bumped up the protein a bit, so I can’t complain. I still think I like his vanilla whey variety the best.

The pretzel chocolate goodness is not the only reason I’ve had a great day. I also finished my taxes. Woo hoo! I always put them off, but then feel so much better when they’re done. It’s nice to be able to check that off of the “to do” list. I also exchanged some pants that I bought over the weekend and later realized were TOO short. Shopping is much more fun now than it used to be, but I need to remember to look at the bottom of my legs when buying pants and not just focus on how they fit on my behind! It was a productive day, and properly fitting pants are always a good thing.

Before I headed to the store for my quick lunch hour trip, I had this:

LunchI put the leftover pork tenderloin on an Arnold’s whole wheat sandwich thin with a few pickles, a bit of mustard and some Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar. I love this sandwich! I may have to visit the farmer for some more of his awesome pork tenderloin on Saturday. It was sooo good. I also had an orange, a serving of baba ghanouj and a pile of chippy cucumbers. Following that, I had this So Delicious strawberry coconut milk yogurt with some Zoe’s granola for lunch dessert.

So Delicious?This was my first time to try one of these coconut milk yogurts, and I think I’d built my expectations up too high. I didn’t love it. It was fine, but the texture wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked. It wasn’t incredibly sweet, which was ok since I had it with the granola, but I don’t think I would have enjoyed it much on its own. I usually love anything involving coconut, so I’m sad that I didn’t love this. I probably won’t buy the strawberry again, but I am still open to trying some of the other flavors.

I tried to do a better job of gauging my hunger before eating my snacks this afternoon, and I think I did pretty well. It may also help, that the first snack I had was a very satisfying one. On my crazy “pointless” shopping trip to Whole Foods this weekend, I picked up so many fun things that I’ve passed by time and time again. One of those things was this peanut butter cookie from the Alternative Baking Company. This little vegan cookie is one of the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had. Period. It’s dense and chewy (as all good PB cookies should be!!) and it had big chunks of peanuts scattered throughout. Half of the cookie was 230 calories, so I’ve been eating it in thirds. As you can see, there is one third left in the wrapper. I’m looking forward to having it tomorrow!

Peanut Buttery HeavenMuch later (did I mention that the cookie was satisfying!!!), I had the little bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins. Man, those things are good. I was surprised that I didn’t reach for my snacks sooner, and it was almost 3:30 when I jumped into my bowl of Puffins. That’s a whole hour later than I usually start the snack parade. Wow! I realized that things were off schedule, and thought I’d make the most of it by really paying attention to what was going on. Sitting in front of the computer, it’s easy to fall into the same trap that often presents itself when eating in front of the television: mindless eating. Have you ever eaten something and then realized that the bowl was empty and you’d really only barely tasted the food? I think that often happens with my afternoon snacks. I tried to really enjoy the Puffins today. This may sound silly, but I tried to actually LOOK at the Puffins while I was eating them. It’s amazing what a difference it made. The bowl lasted longer too. Hooray!!! Closer to quittin’ time, I decided to have one other snack– a Prune Activia yogurt.

PrunieliciousSo, there’s a story that goes along with this yogurt. I often vacation with a friend I’ve known practically since birth, and our excursions are always a great chance to get caught up. Unlike me…, she’s great at planning trips. We’re both pretty laid back tourists, and I love traveling with her. I don’t do well with a packed schedule. It’s vacation! She understands this well. Anyway, she’d been living abroad in a place where this yogurt was available, and had been missing it after a recent move back to the states. When we went to the grocery store in Portugal last summer, she was excited to find this yogurt. Yep, they have Activia in Portugal. I didn’t know what the big deal could possibly be until I tasted it. It has a flavor unlike any yogurt I’ve ever had, and I love it!! I was so excited when it showed up at my grocery store. I always think of her when I eat it. 🙂

I don’t eat this yogurt for its probiotic properties, but I did come across an interesting article today that discussed the recent probiotic trend. I won’t get into the details, but if you are interested, here’s a link to the article. As for me, the thing that motivates me to buy this is simply the pruney goodness!

The metro was having some issues tonight, and I got home a bit later than I would have preferred. That meant that I needed to grab a quick dinner and then scamper off to strength training with my trainer. I decided that a quick salad was the answer, and I painted the dressing on this one “Jackson Pollock style.” Fun!

Jackson Pollack StyleThis salad has red leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, a hardboiled egg, some turkey pepperoni, a bit of feta, and my Greek yogurt and smoked paprika hummus dressing concoction. I used a knife to sort of spatter the dressing around on the salad, which gave it a bit of Jackson Pollock flair. It was good and had lots of satisfying protein. Of course, I probably ate it faster than I should have because I knew that this was waiting for me:


I ate the much anticipated remains of my Pretzelogical bar, and I enjoyed every bite. What’s more, I wasn’t tempted to follow it up with fifty little snacks. It satisfied my sweet tooth once again. I had half before I went to workout and the other half after I got back. I earned it! That workout was tough. I love that my trainer provides variety, but sometimes the new moves can be a bit frustrating. Lying on my back holding a medicine ball between my feet, lifting and dipping the ball this way and that, trying to stay in a neutral position the whole time, and trying to avoid dropping the ball or flinging it across the room at another exerciser was a new form of torture. Thank goodness it only lasted for a minute! I’m sure it will be easier the next time, but wow– it was tough!

I’m off now to have one last nibble before I head off to bed. There is a graham cracker and a smear of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB in the kitchen with my name on it. I should sleep well now that I’ve checked “do taxes” off of my “to do” list. Now, on to the next thing. It has something to do with choosing some excursions for the Alaskan cruise I’m going on with my prune yogurt eating friend in May… Did I mention that I’m not much of a planner? 🙂

I love posing questions and reading all of the awesome comments. If you were going to Alaska and needed to pick an excursion, would you: 1.) Go rafting, 2.) Go hiking, 3.) Participate in an activity requiring crampons, 4.) Zipline, 5.) Bicycle through the countryside, 6.) Fly fish, 7.) Ride around on a boat looking for whales, or 8.)Shop and eat tasty things? Hmm… I’d love to know what you’d do if it were you!

Before I go, there are a crazy number of fun giveaways going on around blogland. Check them out! You may win something cool, and you will definitely find some awesome blogs along the way!

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Finally, and I love this one, there is a cool Seventh Generation cleaning product giveaway over at Hey What’s For Dinner?

In the spirit of 30 Rock: Sweetie Out!



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18 responses to “Pretzelogically Delicious and My Opinions on Some New Eats

  1. Erin

    I’m glad you are having fun with new foods! Yum.
    That dessert looks amazing as does your salad!
    I love those protein powders, I just tried one today.

  2. Goldie

    “Eat Tasty Things” Shopping……. looking more than buying STUFF. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link my friend!

    I really need to find the Jay Robb protein powder! I have seen it on blogs everywhere, but can’t find it at the store 😦

  4. Glad you enjoyed the chocolate pretzel bar! It looks delicious!

  5. hiking, zipline, or biking 🙂 AND shopping!

    glad you had a good day!

  6. maggieapril

    I didn’t even know it was possible to eat 1/3 of a cookie. 1/3 of one dozen, maybe…

    Alaska is on my wish list – I will look forward to the posts on your trip! Whale watching, biking, hiking – my goal would be to see as much of nature and/or the countryside as possible.

    Good post. I support your right to always mention dessert first!

  7. I ❤ Jay Robb protein! Both the whey and the egg white proteins are delicious. The strawberry is my fav (but the nilla and chocolate are great too!!) That Pretzelogical bar looks out of this world good! I’m all for anything with pretzels and chocolate!!

    ALLLLLLLLLLL of the activities sound great! I think I’d be most for hiking, zipline, and obviously eating!

  8. for me, I would do #2 and #8!!
    lol, I was trying to say “Pretzelogically” out loud and my tongue got all twisty!

  9. I saw that Alternative Baking Company PB cookie at the health food store today and I wanted to grab it and put it in my cart so badly, haha but I resisted and now I am definitely regretting my first decision! 🙂 Enjoy your day

  10. I got my taxes finished yesterday too! Yeah!! Finally got rid of them!
    Alaska; high on my wishlist!! I would go boating looking for whales, then I would shop and eat tasty things!

  11. WHAT YOU ARE COMING TO MY STATE!! NEAR MY BIRTHDAY EVEN!!! Bring mosquito repellent. Cool!

  12. Hmmmm I have done all those things. The shopping stinks because it’s all cruise controlled but the biking is awesome in Anchorage, lots of trails. Glacier stuff is cool too. Are you coming to mainland or just doing the cruise stuff? I live in an awesome little town with a growing artsy feel. Ohhh I’m excited for you.

  13. 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8! hahaha I’d be busy!

    I’m also having a give-away on my blog too! Check it out!

  14. Laura-
    I’m excited!! We’re just doing the cruise stuff, but I always go on the theory that return trips are always an option! I’d love to have the opportunity to take some amazing photos, and I’m pretty sure that a helicopter glacier tour is on the menu. Your little town sounds like a place I’d love. 🙂

  15. How far north are you going?

  16. Amy

    Zip lining sounds VERY dangerous, I would not recommend it. Prune yogurt, on the other hand, sounds amazing. I have lately settled for blueberry…sigh. Can you please figure out a way to boil/puree a prune or two and stir it into some plain yogurt and make it taste exactly the same? I would much appreciate it!

  17. Is that a challenge, Amy? I have some prunes… and some yogurt… who knows!! Hmmm…..

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