Friday Weigh-in and This Week’s Favorite Snack

Finger Food!Yesterday, I posted a photo of an empty plate. Minutes before I took the photo, it was covered in this yumminess. My favorite snack this week has been the jazzy little number above. A cameo apple plus a serving of galaxy vanilla almond munch granola topped with 1/2 Tbsp. of Mighty Maple peanut butter. Of course, you could use any kind of apple, low fat granola and peanut butter, but these are what I had on hand.

I like interactive food, and it’s fun to dip the apples in bits of peanut butter and then into the crunchy granola. The apples themselves are moist enough that the granola sticks to them even without the peanut butter. I like playing with my food, and this snack is perfect for that reason. Also, did I mention the peanut butter? Oh, and I like that it looks kind of like a flower. 🙂 FUN!

Here are this week’s digits:

Points Stats

Daily Points Target: 22

Weekly Points Remaining: 0/35

Activity Points Remaining: 10/30

After eating basically the same number of points the last few weeks, I decided to try to eat a few more this week. Sometimes it helps to shake things up. Other times, not so much. I still had a 10 point cushion left at the end of the week, and, goodness knows– it wasn’t a sacrifice to eat more peanut butter! 

Workout Schedule

Friday: off

Saturday: 65 minutes of cardio combo (elliptical, running and walking with incline on the treadmill, jump rope intervals and stairmaster) with 10 minutes of core exercise and stretching

Sunday: 45 minutes of strength training, 40 minutes of cardio combo, 5 minutes of stretching

Monday: off, but walked for 20 minutes to a more distant metro station

Tuesday:  45 minutes of strength training, 40 minutes of cardio combo, 5 minutes of stretching

Wednesday:  65 minutes of cardio combo (elliptical, running and walking with incline on the treadmill, jump rope intervals and stairmaster) with 10 minutes of core exercise and stretching

Thursday: 60 minutes of kickboxing plus 35 minutes of cardio combo

In order to get to my target of 30 activity points (which equates to about 3000 calories burned), I had to add a few extra minutes here and there. It seems like that is getting to be the case lately. 

Every precinct is reporting positive results this week. My eating was in line with my guidelines, and I worked out even more than usual. Every precinct, that is, except for the scale. It has steadily fluctuated upwards over the last three weeks, and today it went up by .2 to bring me to 159.8.

I actually pulled up one of the fancy progress charts that weight watchers provides on their site to take a look at a visual representation of my results. Since August, the graph shows what is, basically, a straight line. No real losses and no real gains (aside from a spike during the week of Christmas). That would be awesome if I was just trying to maintain, but that hasn’t been my goal. I’m going through some serious reevaluation about whether maintenance actually should be my goal and about my approach.

I’ve lost most of my weight (130 pounds) by counting points, but not all of it (50 pounds). I think it may be time to try something different rather than keep wallowing and obsessing in the same old game. I think it might be better for my general sense of well being. That’s why, this week, I’m having a “pointless” week.

I don’t have a lot of time to write this evening, so I’ll have to explain more later. Just know that I’ve tried not to count my points today. Since they are very much ingrained in my brain, it hasn’t been altogether possible not to keep track a bit. I have written down everything I’ve eaten, and I’ve also decided on some general guidelines for the week. I plan to tell you about them tomorrow. I’ll also explain why I think I need to break away from my points mentality for a bit. Don’t get me wrong. If the scale starts heading in the wrong direction, I will go running back to WW like a little lost child. I know that it works, and it provides a structure that is very useful for me. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but after four years of looking at every bite in terms of points, I think it’s time to try to live and eat “off the grid.” The worst that can happen is that I’ll gain a couple of pounds this week and jump right back into my points tracker, right? Unlike the past, I’m on top of the situation now. I know how to put out the fire before the house burns to the ground.

Have a great weekend, and wish me luck!



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11 responses to “Friday Weigh-in and This Week’s Favorite Snack

  1. Hope all goes well! ❤

  2. Sorry about your gain. Good luck with your new plan. I was curious to know if you are using a HRM to calculate your AP’s?

  3. Thanks you guys! This may seem relatively minor, but it’s a big step for me.

    Beadie- I have a Polar F6 that I wear to work out. I know that HR monitors aren’t perfect, but I also know that the results usually seem pretty consistent from one day to the next. I tend to trust it. Whatever the calorie burn, I feel better when I work out. That’s for sure!

  4. Sorry about your gain. Good luck on your “pointless” week. I used to count calories and I felt relieved when I stopped. I came to a point where I knew that I shouldn’t count calories because I felt confident about myself, my body and my knowledge of health and well-being. It gives you so much extra time and ability to direct your thoughts elsewhere besides points, calories, fat grams, etc.

    Oh, and awesome snack!! Looks pretty dang tasty!

  5. Sorry about your gain 😦

    After losing about 30-35 lbs on WW, I flatlined. I went to a nutritionist a couple times. She helped fine tune my diet and recommended different cardio, resulting in another 20-25lb loss.

    BTW, I love the snack of the week feature. And ANY snack that is pretty and includes sweet, crunchy and peanut butter is a winner in my book.

  6. great snack!

    love the idea of a “pointless” week. I haven’t gotten to the point of trying mine yet, but I can’t wait to see how this week goes for you! I totally understand how you feel

  7. Erin

    Aww, sorry to hear about the gain. Good luck on your new venture and I look forward to hearing more about it.
    I love that snack!!

  8. Wow you’ve come such a long way!! Everything you’ve been doing is SO on track I can’t imagine anything going wrong!! It definitely seems a little strict, but definitely do what you think is right for you. 🙂 CONGRATS!! You deserve a giant pat on the back for all this hard work and commitment!!

  9. I think it is a very good decision to try and break away from your regular pattern of counting the points. Sometimes that is indeed all that is needed! Your body gets used to a certain routine and as you said sometimes just has to get a little shake. You’ve done so incredibly well already that I am sure you’re gonna nail this as well! Good luck and enjoy the weekend!

  10. OK, that is actually what I was hoping you would say. I am no longer on WW but when I was, the online AP calculator really over estimated them vs. my HRM. I was just worried that you might be overestimating them.

  11. Thank you all for the positive words. I have had such a good weekend, and I’m feeling very good about things! Your encouragement is very much appreciated!

    Beadie- I got a hr monitor after a friend at work talked about how much she loved hers. I also got it because 1.) Strength training with my trainer involves lifting and cardio… which was hard to try to estimate very well and 2.) I got a bicycle and started riding it on a trail that is a mix of tough hills and easier segments. I couldn’t figure out where to even start with that one. It was a bit hard (and I didn’t even try) to keep track of times and rapidly changing (uphill for 1 minute… downhill for a few seconds…) intensities for a 28 mile jaunt!

    I was so surprised at the things I’d been overestimating and, at times, underestimating using the online AP calculator! I love the accuracy of the HR monitor, and I also love that the HR monitor will spur me to do an extra couple of minutes if I’m close to ending on a round number. Sometimes, that means dancing around in the aerobics room to whatever is in my iPod. 🙂 It definitely motivates me to get my behind moving, which I think is always a good thing!

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