A Balanced Day

Molasses Cookie Oat Bran with BerriesCould the reason for another “day in the life” type post be because it is Thursday? Could it be because I think it only fair to show you what I eat on a “non-routine day?” Could it be because taking photos of food is fun? Whatever the reason, I decided to go ahead and do another food journal post today. 

One thing I’ve realized lately is that I’m not making the most of the flexibility that Weight Watchers allows me. I can be strict to a point that is a bit ridiculous. I’m great at holding the reins tightly, or letting them go altogether. I’m not so good at trying to have a good balance between sticking to my plan and enjoying myself. On the one hand, I want to make progress with my weight loss. On the other hand, I don’t want to be so obsessive about every bite of food that I feel like I’m depriving myself. I think it is hard to find a middle ground for me, but I think I did a pretty good job today. 

I ate the bowl of oat bran at the top of the post before leaving for the conference this morning along with a cup of skim milk and coffee. I had my oat bran “molasses cookie style” with some fresh berries. It was filling and yummy and I knew it would help me to avoid any pastry temptations. Before we get to that, I’d just like to let you know that the National Potato Council was meeting next door to my conference. I considered crashing to see if they were munching on chips, but I’m not much of a troublemaker… most of the time.

National Potato CouncilOk– Back to the breakfast offerings. I was delighted to find this little chest of teas on the table alongside the inevitable pastries, bagels and sad looking fruit. I had about three cups of the green this morning. Yum!

Pretty Tea!On my first break, I did a little survey of the spread. There were various things that weren’t that appealing. There were also chocolate croissants and these little chocolate chip scones that were appealing. I didn’t plan on having anything, but, by the time I made it to the second break, I decided that I truly did want to try the scone (not just wanting it out of boredom… it looked good!) so I let myself have two bites. That was enough to satisfy my curiosity and my tastebuds, which, of course, helped me to avoid feeling deprived. So far so good. I wasn’t completely avoiding the food, but I was sampling it in a reasonable way.

Chocolate Chip SconeI mentioned last night that I was going to take snacks. I was also expecting a buffet for lunch since that was the situation last year. My “snacks” actually included a Dark Chocolate Dreams/Reduced Fat PB sandwich, which would have made for a filling enough lunch when supplemented with whatever healthy finds I could glean from the buffet. As it turns out, there is no buffet this year. Instead, I found my way to my seat and was greeted by this sort of strange salad, and my little dessert lying in wait. There was also a basket of rolls. Again, I thought about avoiding them completely, but the ones with the sunflower seeds just looked SO good! Sorry I didn’t snap a picture. I decided to skip the salad dressing, and have a roll. The roll was fine, but, after a couple of bites, I realized that it wasn’t really worth the points. It was kind of cold, and I left 3/4 of it on my plate. Again, I’m happy. I tried it. I didn’t feel deprived, but I did choose not to finish it. This seems like progress!

SaladAfter the odd salad and the roll, they brought out the main course. I’m sorry these pictures look so weird, but the light was not so great. Anyway, the main course was two chicken breasts on top of a pile of orzo with mushrooms, asparagus and some sort of buttery creamy sauce. I briefly considered running for the hills with my PB&J, but then I decided to just roll with the flow and not obsess. I scooted one of the chicken breasts off to the side, ate the other piece of chicken and decided that the orzo and mysterious sauce tasted good enough to eat. So I did. It was actually good, and the mushrooms and asparagus were quite tasty. I don’t think, however, that I needed two large pieces of chicken, so I’m happy that I left the one behind. Again… balance. 

Main EventAfter the chicken, it was time to eat the little tiramisu. It was so nice of them to provide a chocolate “tiramisu” label. It was not very big, which means it was about the right size for me. It was pretty good, not at all heavy, and I enjoyed it. 

DessertI used my on-line tracker to try to figure out how I did with my lunch/scone choices. As best I can tell, I think that I did ok. I was pretty proud of myself! I think another sign that I made decent choices was the fact that I was full until about 3:00. I get hungry around that time every day. It must be some longstanding “after school snack” thing buried deep in my brain. I decided to have a few of the snacks I’d brought so I had some baby carrots (I ate about 4 before I remembered to snap a picture) and some Trader Joe’s fibery cereal mixed with pumpkin seeds.

I also had water. Actually, I had a lot of water. My goal each day is to drink 100 ounces. I usually just fill my Nalgene bottle up 3 times and sip away. Today, I drank 8 of these little Fiji waters. The little bottles are cute, but I’m not a “little bottle” kind of girl when it comes to water. I felt a bit water greedy, but no one seemed to care. The great thing about drinking so much water is that it keeps you awake. It also gives you, ahem, a reason to get up and move around from time to time. Thank goodness for this big binder! I’m sure the information inside is totally helpful, but I appreciated it most for its ability to serve as a makeshift table.

3:00 Nibble timeFor dinner, I ate the PB&J that had spent the day in my purse along with some yummy grape tomatoes and celery. 

PB&J and FriendsI also realized that I hadn’t had my usual 2 servings of dairy. I did have 1 cup of regular skim milk in my coffee this morning, and there might have been some cheese in the mystery sauce at lunch, but I had some yogurt and little glass of milk just to cover my nutritional bases.

The CowI’m really glad that I decided to do a post like this one today. I needed to see this post for myself. I think that I did a pretty good job of rolling with the punches in a situation where I was faced with eating what was placed before me. Situations like that can really stress me out, and I will admit that I often avoid them. I also think I had a nice healthy approach when it came to eating only what I really wanted and only enough to fill me up. I really do want to get better at eating intuitively rather than eating in such a restricted way, and today seems like a day full of progress. I think I might just need to relax a bit. That doesn’t mean ditch my plan or eat anything and everything that I want. I just need to find some middle ground and a bit of balance.

In addition to feeling very good about the choices I made today, my cold seems to be a good bit better too. What a good day! I have much to be thankful for. Now, I’m off to the gym for my last pre-weigh-in workout. 

Before I go: BSI!!! Don’t forget to get your black bean entries in to me at melodylawgirl@yahoo.com. You have until Sunday night, the 1st, at midnight. I know you have a great black bean recipe just waiting to come to the party. I hope to hear from you soon!!


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9 responses to “A Balanced Day

  1. Rachel

    Bravo!!! This sounds like a totally sane approach to healthy eating. I would do well to follow suit.

  2. run4change

    You are lucky to eat PB&J. I can’t seem to handle it in moderation but I sure do like it.

  3. That IS an odd looking salad, but the tiramisu more than makes up for it. Gosh, that’s one of my favorite desserts. I’ve got to get around to posting about my meeting with the nutritionist this week and discussing balancing “dieting” with “mindful eating.” It seems to illustrate your philosophy and behaviors on what could have been a challenging food day.

    You are my new favorite person for that sugar snap pea recipe. I made it last night with the salmon. The marinade paired perfectly with the fish. To accompany it, I made jasmine rice with cranberries and almonds. It’s the best dinner I’ve had in a couple weeks.

    I’m excited and a wee bit nervous about this potential interview. 🙂

  4. I’m glad to see this post, too 🙂 Having to go to conferences like that is always so strange food wise – it looks like you did great and are happy with all of your decisions ,which is the most important thing.

    I’m hoping to have a BSI tonight!

  5. Tina– I just e-mailed you my questions. Let me know if you don’t get them. I can’t wait to read your answers!! Your dinner sounds awesome! I’m so glad you liked the peas!

    Brandi– Yay! I’m excited!

    Run4change- I know what you mean. It can be tough. I love my measuring spoons.

  6. I think you handled it all pretty well, conference food is tricky. I love the tea box!

    Don’t worry, I’m planning on working on a first-pass on my BSI entry tonight! 🙂

  7. The little tiramisu looks divine! I get so excited when I see plated desserts like that (going to pastry school, can ya tell?).

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