Friday 2/6 Weigh-in Stats and Featured Snack


I grew up in a house in the middle of a field. The field was typically used to grow either cotton or soybeans. Granted, the soybeans outside my door were frequently doused with scary chemicals, but, even if they had been chemical free, I don’t think it would have ever occurred to me to try to eat them.

Edamame (soybeans) is often served as a side dish at sushi restaurants. I LOVE sushi, and eat it a few times a month. When I found frozen edamame at the grocery store, I knew that I had a new snack to add to my arsenal. I’ve bought several different brands of edamame over the past few years from various grocery stores. They all seem to be pretty much the same. The only difference I’ve really found is that sometimes they are frozen with salt added, and sometimes I need to add salt myself. If it isn’t clear from looking at the front of the bag, just check the ingredients to see if they have already salted the beans for you. I also want to mention that you may find shelled edamame in the freezer as well. For snack purposes, I prefer the kind in the pod, but there are lots of good uses for the shelled kind too. Just pay close attention when figuring your points. Note: 1 cup of shelled edamame is a lot more points than 1 cup of pods.

I enjoy my edamame a couple of different ways. If I fix up a baggie with a cup of pods (and a little salt if I’m using the unsalted variety) in the morning and let it sit on my desk, it is typically thawed out by the afternoon and ready for me to munch on. If I’m in the mood to have my edamame warm, which is how it is frequently served in sushi restaurants, I stick the pods in the microwave for 20-30 seconds right before I get ready to eat them.

To eat edamame, you put a pod between your teeth and pop the beans out. You shouldn’t eat the pod, and I don’t think you’d really want to anyway. A cup of these is only one healthy point. I think they are a good salty snack alternative, and I like them because they take a little bit of time to eat. I like a snack that can’t be gobbled down in the blink of an eye. If you haven’t ever thought of having this as a snack, you should give it a try!!

On to this week’s numbers!

Points Stats

Daily Points Target: 22

Weekly Points Remaining: 5/35

Activity Points Remaining: 29.5/29.5

I must have been less hungry this week. I almost always eat all of my weekly points. I’m going to credit the brown rice and bean soup concoction I have been having for my lunches. It is sooooo filling! So, I’m well within my food points for the week, and I earned 29.5 activity points. Here’s what I did:

Workout Schedule

Friday: off

Saturday: 65 minutes of cardio combo (elliptical, running and walking with incline on the treadmill, and stairmaster) with 10 minutes of core exercise and stretching

Sunday: 45 minutes of strength training, 35 minutes running outside (hooray for a little sun!!!), 5 minutes of stretching

Monday: off

Tuesday:  45 minutes of strength training, 35 minutes cardio combo, 5 minutes of stretching

Wednesday:  65 minutes of cardio combo with 10 minutes of core exercise and stretching

Thursday: 60 minutes of kickboxing

I’m thinking about starting to do strength training with my trainer on Sundays instead of Thursdays and trying to make the noon kickboxing class on Thursdays. I typically work at home on Thursdays so Thursday lunchtime kickboxing could be an option. I did it this week, and I think I might like it. It was nice having Thursday night off. We’ll see.

Alright, so I ate well within my allowable points, and I followed a typical workout schedule, which includes my usual two days off. If you recall, last week I had a good week where I met my points and exercise goals, but my hard work wasn’t reflected on the scale. It did not change (in either direction) from the 161.8 it had been the week before. In last Friday’s post, I expressed my belief that hard work shows up on the scale eventually, and this week was the week that it caught up with me. I weighed in this morning at 159 pounds– a 2.8 pound loss from last week.  I’m also happy to report that my holiday weight is now gone, and I’m firmly in the “making new progress” category. I’m also always happy when I move down into a new decade so it is nice to see a “5” in the middle instead of a “6.” What a great birthday present!!!

Speaking of birthdays, I will be celebrating my birthday tonight at a happy hour and tomorrow evening at The Inn at Little Washington with one of my closest friends who just had a birthday as well. I’ll tell you right now that I plan to eat whatever comes my way tomorrow night. The Inn has the sort of reputation that makes me confident that whatever I eat will be well worth the points.

So, do my birthday plans mean that I expect a gain next Friday? Nope. I don’t give up that easily. I plan to strike a balance between indulging a bit and staying on track by grabbing a healthy dinner before I head to the happy hour tonight and by keeping the festive beverage calories to a minimum while concentrating on pool and shuffleboard. Tomorrow, I plan to get in a good workout and to eat reasonably throughout the day. Dinner plans are not an invitation to have a whole day of insane eating. Finally, I’m going to do my best this week. We will see what happens next Friday. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!



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5 responses to “Friday 2/6 Weigh-in Stats and Featured Snack

  1. Good luck, happy birthday and congrats on the good week!

  2. Thanks, clickmom! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. 29.5 Activity Points! Very impressive. Thank you for posting what you did each day, because it gives me a lot of good ideas.

    I love edamame, too, and they are a great snack full of protein.

  4. run4change

    You are doing awesome sweetie pie. 🙂 I love sushi and edamame. I eat it just like you said too. Pop the bean out with my teeth. My sister buys the frozen ones all the time.

  5. Hi, y’all! I wish I’d discovered edamame earlier in life! : ) Glad I’m not the only one munching on the tasty beans!!

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