Strategies for Movie Munching and Football Watching

Stop Bad Snacking!

This bag uses a funny bright red stop sign to encourage us to “Stop Bad Snacking,” and that was a great mantra for my day. It is a little bit late, but I thought I’d write a quick post about a few of the strategies I used today that allowed me to have fun while staying on track. I also have a quick suggestion related to yesterday’s soup recipe. My day went something like this: I got up at 9:30, made a bowl of rice pudding, jogged up the street to workout with my trainer, jogged home, rushed through the shower, had a quick lunch (bean soup), met up with a friend to see The Wrestler, went to the grocery store, came home, grabbed some dinner, and then zipped off to watch the Superbowl with some friends. Whew. I’m tired. I’ll make this quick!

My Movie Going Strategy 

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe in being prepared. Check out what I had in my purse when I headed off to the movies today:

Bring on the Movie

Don’t worry. I wasn’t planning to chomp loudly on the apple during the film, but I was planning to chomp loudly on the apple on my way to the grocery store. It is no secret that it’s tough to find friendly things to eat at a movie theater. A bottle of water and a dill pickle are fine, but why have that when I can have something I’d like more. Stop bad snacking!! Seriously. If it isn’t what you want, why eat it? I’ve seen lists of healthy movie theater snack suggestions pop up from time to time. Some say that you should pop a bag of microwave popcorn and take it with you. I find that I don’t really like cold microwaved popcorn very much, so my compromise is to take a 2 point baggie of cracker jacks or something similar. Today’s choice was Lesser Evil Black and White Kettle Corn. I get to have my popcorn, but without that unpleasant stale quality and weird feeling on the roof of my mouth. My bag also contains a 100 calorie nutrition bar from Safeway. The caramel creme ones taste kind of like a Zero candy bar to me (one of my all time faves!!), and the safeway bar is only 1 point. Finally, I had my big Nalgene water bottle all filled up and ready to go.

I’ve taken all manner of snacks to the movies including various types of 100 calorie packs, tootsie pops, pretzels, a wide variety of snack bars, grapes, raspberries and even edamame. Some people might feel bad about bringing their own snacks to the movies. I’m not that person. Until I can count on finding good choices at the theater, I’m not embarrassed in the least to bring my own! Not everyone wants to eat large tubs of buttered popcorn or giant sized crates of m&ms (well, maybe I want to, but that doesn’t mean I will just because you put them there, silly movie theater moguls…)! I had my snacks, and I was happy and on track. 

My Party Strategy

Whenever I’m headed to a party, I use one of two strategies. I will either make a batch of cookies or a cake or something like that, figure out the points for a serving, and then enjoy my serving of the pointy food at the party while sharing the rest with friends. This allows me to bake, which I love to do, without having a whole batch of cookies sitting around for months on end. I don’t have a real problem with eating them “just because they are there,” but I hate the idea that they will be wasted. If I don’t use that tactic, I pull the other trick out of my bag and take something healthy that I like and know that I will enjoy snacking on. I didn’t decide to go to this evening’s superbowl party until I was well into my day so the first option was definitely out. There was no time for me to do any baking.

Hummus and Peppers

Instead, I took a tray with hummus and brightly colored bell peppers with a few olives scattered on the top. I love hummus and veggies, and I snacked on peppers while avoiding other things that I knew wouldn’t fit well in my day. These friends of mine had a bowl of freshly cut up pineapple, which I enjoyed too. I did have two VERY tiny bites of my friend’s birthday cake, but when I say “VERY” I really mean “not big enough to count.” I believe in counting every bite so you can trust me that these were miniscule, but they were enough to satisfy my desire to try the cake. I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends (which is really the point of going to parties anyway), and I stayed on track. Win win!

Soup Suggestion

The last thing I wanted to tell you was that I had a bowl of my bean soup today and, as I’ve mentioned, I believe that soup is a place to start. I could have it “as is” for 3 points. If I have more points in my day, I can toss in some other things. I like leaving my options open and lower point soups are great for that. I cooked a pot of brown rice yesterday because I was craving rice pudding… again… and I had some leftover rice in the fridge. I added 2/3 cup of cooked brown rice (2.5 points) to my bowl of bean soup, and I really like it that way a lot. It made a very filling lunch, and it reminded me a bit of red beans and rice. Yum! I may add some chicken sausage to a bowl for tomorrow’s variation. 

Well, it’s late so I’d better be getting off to bed. I hope you have an excellent week!! I also hope that you won’t think twice about taking your own healthy options the next time you go to the movies or to hang out with friends. After all, we should always do our part to “STOP BAD SNACKING” and eat the things we really want! That’s my strategy, and I’m sticking to it!



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11 responses to “Strategies for Movie Munching and Football Watching

  1. run4change

    I love the peppers and humus idea. That looks good and it is something that I could even put together 🙂

  2. Sometimes getting some help from the store is a good thing!! I really wanted to sample the cheesy dip on the table, but the peppers saved me.

    Plus, they look kind of pretty on a big platter. 🙂

  3. run4change

    They do look pretty that is for certain. 🙂

  4. You are seriously the snack master! I LOVE peppers, but I haven’t tried them with hummus. Usually I will eat carrots with hummus. I am going to grab some peppers on my next trip to the store! Great idea!

  5. Our theater is bad. They actually kick you out if eating outside food or drinks. Guess they want to make a buck any way they can. I wouldn’t mind if they had something healthy, but ewww. Oversized (& overpriced) popcorn, fried chips, or candy just don’t cut it anymore.

  6. Sarah- Thanks! I used to eat mine with carrots, celery and cucumbers all the time. I have some boredom issues… and I had to try some new things! I don’t love raw broccoli or cauliflower so peppers it is!

    AK- I’m so sorry to hear that. There was a time when I would have been too worried about getting the boot to take my own stuff in. I think I’ve gotten feistier about things like that, but it is still just not an option sometimes.

    I guess I’d just have to go snackless at your theater. They still wouldn’t make any extra $$ off of me, and I’d enjoy myself less. Where’s the logic in that? That’s a shame. )-:

  7. Love this post! I’m always on the lookout for some healthy snack ideas. Your point is well made about not eating things you really don’t enjoy. I think that’s one of the biggest lessons that WW has shown me. I now ask myself if I really want to have to count the points for a certain indulgent item, and if the answer is no, I don’t eat it. Simple as that.

    I haven’t seen that Black & White Kettle Corn before, but I think I’m going to have to pick some up. Did you get that at Safeway too?

    I love hummus and veggies. Trader Joe’s has some really good varieties – I love their red pepper & basil and white bean & basil. (Hey, I’m Italian, I love basil, what can I say?) 🙂

  8. Bella, I love basil too. I haven’t tried those, but I’ll have to pick some up next time I go to TJ’s. I’m not Italian, but I have been to Italy. That was one of the best “food vacations” I’ve ever had. Amazing!!

    The white bean and basil sounds especially good. I love TJ’s three layer hummus (regular, red pepper, and cilantro), but I think the NI must have changed on it at some point. It used to be 1 point for a serving. I plugged it in not long ago and it came out at 2! Oh well. If 2 is more accurate, I guess I’d rather know.

    I got the Kettle Corn at Whole Foods. I get lured in by the pretty desserts in the dessert case, and grabbing a bag of kettle corn was my treat that day (instead of a yummy cupcake.) If you can find it near you, I’d highly recommend it. It’s really good and you get a nice sized little baggie of it for 2 points!

    I hope you are having a great week!!

  9. I’m definitely going to make a point of going to Whole Foods this week to get that kettle corn. It seems like the perfect sweet & salty snack that I crave from time to time.

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